Quick But Unique Gifts for Valentine's Day In Case You Forgot

Newsflash, Valentine’s Day is three days away, but that means you’ve got enough time to get something together that will wow anyone whether partner or gal pal— so much so that they won’t even know you forgot.

Printable Pun - You’re a Gem

This adorable gift is perfect for someone who just needs something to let them know that you thought of them. At only $5 and some construction needed, it’s cheap with a touch of homemade flair.

Etsy shop owner Sarah offers a whole host of paper goods that she designs for you to make yourself after a simple PDF download.

This item is a perfect way to gift something homemade without it turning out… disappointing.

A Few of Their Favorite Things

While three days isn’t enough time to order from anywhere on the internet, it’s plenty of time to go to any brick-and-mortar shop. If you don’t want to risk relying on shipping in this tight race, then head out for a real shopping cart!

One of the ways to make a last minute Target spree meaningful is to make sure every item you buy is because you remembered something special: get a cute gift box or bag and fill it with your recipient’s favorite things.


-What’s their favorite candy?

-What’s their go-to late night snack?

-What’s their guilty pleasure?

For example, if I was throwing together one of these boxes for my boyfriend of four years, it might look a bit like this: a Star Wars themed bag because he’s an ardent nerd, a Cards Against Humanity expansion pack (either the science one or something nerdy) because it’s a game we often play together, Smarties (or Nerds) because he loves them, a Sugar Free Red Bull because it’s the only energy drink he’ll have, Starbuck’s caramel sauce because he makes caramel macchiatos at home every morning, character socks because I’ve been buying him silly socks for our entire relationship and it’s a running thing, and a pancake mix because he’s a sucker for sleeping in and eating pancakes.

Gifts like this are simple and can be really cheap, but if you put enough thought into it then it will be really thoughtful.

Get Something Edible

The nice thing about gifting food is that you shouldn’t buy it any sooner than three days before Valentine’s Day! If the person you’re gifting too is in the same town as you, something edible can make a big visual impact without adding any clutter (I’m looking at you, stuffed animals) or seem too commercial (basic boxed chocolates, anyone?).

Local to the Twin Cities, there’s lot of options!

Thirsty Whale Bakery is doing $12 donut boxes with cute, Valentine’s Day designs. These are for pick-up the day of so they’ll be fresh for the holiday.

Otherwise, Glam Doll Donuts always has sassy, cute Valentine’s Day donuts for all different moods, but you’ll want to get there on the early end to make sure you snag what you’d like.

If donuts aren’t the right treat, pick your favorite pastry shop or bakery to snag something elegant and delicate that’s perfect for saying “I love you” to anyone.

If you’re not familiar, I’d recommend Patisserie 46 for both elegant desserts or boxes of macarons.  

Ice Cream Makes it Better - Waffle Bowl Maker and a Grocery Run

If your recipient loves ice cream and sundaes, then a perfect gift can be an evening in having over the top sundae dishes!

Amazon sells this small, cute waffle bowl press that lets you make fresh dishes for ice cream sundaes that rival a shop. Snag this baby with two day shipping and hit the grocery store for their favorite flavor or the local favorites Izzy’s or Milkjam. Don’t forget some seasonal sprinkles and whipped cream!

If ice cream isn’t the answer, then hit up the rest of Amazon Prime’s two day delivery options for something that’s just right!

In the end, whatever you get (or don’t get), what matters most is that you show your loved ones you care somehow. Don’t be afraid of just spending some time with pen and paper or just clearing your calendar. What matters isn’t really the stuff, it’s the people.