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I listen to music almost constantly. However, this summer, I barely listened to any music, or felt connected to it, which was a pretty big bummer for me. I usually love jamming out in my bedroom or kitchen, singing and dancing around. Finally, I’ve reconnected to music, and have been listening to the same songs on repeat for the last couple of weeks. And so, I created a playlist of these songs!


I love finding new music and I think music is a great way to learn about someone. So, here’s a list of songs that have helped me reconnect to music. Give them a listen! 


929 - Halsey

my ex’s best friend - Machine Gun Kelly & blackbear

Dirty Nikes - Ruth B. 

Lonely - Noah Cyrus

IDK You Yet - Alexander 23

Before You Go - Lewis Capaldi

Hold Me While You Wait - Lewis Capaldi

scared - Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler

Someone to Love - Joel Adams

Rest of Us - Blake Rose

Hard on Yourself - Charlie Puth & blackbear

Hey Stupid, I Love You - JP Saxe

Hard Sometimes - Ruel

Crazier Things - Chelsea Cutler & Noah Kahan

i don’t want to watch the world end … - Clinton Kane

Gone - Blake Rose

better off - Jeremy Zucker

Paper Planes - Elina

if this is the last time - LANY

Sundown on County Line - Billy Raffoul

I Don’t Think I’m Okay - Bazzi 


Now, I know that when some people create playlists, the order of the songs is really important. This isn’t the case for me. So hit the shuffle button! (Or take these songs and order them how you wish). 


And honestly? The best place to find new songs is at the end of any of your playlists (at least on Spotify - if you use Apple Music, well, good luck). Spotify will generate songs based on the playlist you created, and list them at the bottom of your playlist. So scroll all the way down, and give some of those songs a listen. (Spotify also will give you a “refresh button to find some new ones). 

Ally Gall

Hamline '21

I study creative writing and sociology at Hamline University. Lover of puzzles, books, being outdoors, cooking, and coffee.
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