The Most Wholesome, Positive Instagram Accounts

Six Instagram Feeds That Always Bring Me a Smile

Instagram gets a bad wrap for being a negative drain on our time and mental health. Certainly, there’s moments where getting away from screens for awhile might be the best way to practice some self-care, but sometimes Instagram can be just what I need for a little smile— especially these cheerful accounts.

Photo courtesy @bookferretburrow.

  1. @bookferretburrow

This is the secondary account of Meredith of @TheBookFerret which is a dream feed for nerdy animal lovers like myself, but the more personal account has even more of the best content: the ferrets. Wasabi and Diggle  are adorable ferrets who make my heart ache for the day when I can own my own furry rat-snake, and the account is nothing but a burst of sunshine when little squeaky play videos pop up in my stories or in the feed itself. The only time this account has ever dipped my mood was when Quigley, another beloved fur noodle, passed away.

2. @henrythecoloradodog

This account makes my heart just ache! First off, the account features the friendship and travels of Henry and Baloo, a dog and cat who are the closest and friends (and siblings). Secondly, the photography is beautiful for every shot which only makes every post better. The best images are ones where little, furry Baloo is riding on Henry’s back, a moment that is so adorable it brings me actual pain.

Photo courtesy of @veronicadearly.

3. @veronicadearly

To stray away from pets, which is hard to do since animals are the most cheerful things on the internet, but Veronica Dearly, UK artist and small business owner, is a place for cheerful and encouraging art on a daily basis.  Not only is the color palette bright and happy, the messages range from highly relatable to snickeringly funny.

Photo courtesy of @pokeypotpie.

4. @pokeypotpie

Now that we’ve addressed a human-focused account, let’s get right back to the best stuff: cats. Cats make me smile. All the time. Kittens even better. A whole account then that’s full of tons of different kittens and cats blepping and sleeping and chomping? That’s the good stuff. If that’s not enough cats, follow the infamous @cats_of_instagram for all sorts of cat accounts to flood your way but be careful and choosy or you feed will be flooded in a flurry of fur.

Photo courtesy of @hobbitkats.

5. @hobbikats

Now that we’re talking about cats, we might as well just keep on that topic to talk about Teddy, Stache, Bindi, and Dexter, the Oriental Shorthair cats behind this account. These cats look like furry goblins of cuteness, and I didn’t know this species existed before I found this account. Now I want ten, or at least one, because they are beautifully gangly and always adorable.

Like I said, cats always do the trick!

Photo courtesy of @pugloulou.

6. @pugloulou

If you’re not a cat person, then you don’t deserve happiness, but in the spirit of being forgiving, there’s more than just cat accounts out there spreading good cheer. Some accounts are capturing another one of Earth’s misunderstood cuties: pugs.

This account is not only full of dog pictures, but pugs in costumes. Pugs in pajamas and scarves and hats. It is adorably, heart-aching cute. If you like pugs, then seeing a pug tucked under a blanket wearing a onesie might just make you weep, but give it a try and see.

Social Media doesn't always have to be a bad thing. Hopefully these accounts can help bring some light to your timeline.