The Life of Living Off Campus

It can be tough not living on campus. As a student who lives off campus I know the struggles.  At first, I thought there would be little issue in living off campus since I drove to high school everyday for three years.  Let me tell you, I was wrong.  Here are the top five things that annoy me as a commuter.


  1. Waking up extra early:

It is bad enough I am not a morning person, but then to get stuck with an 8 a.m. class.


Plus traffic…


  1. Did not sign up to go to the gym:

Taking four classes in one day adds up to a lot of books, which means I have to carry all those books.  But I cannot forget my laptop, notebooks, folders, chargers and snacks. If I wanted to lift weights I would have gone to the gym.


  1. Naps Nap Na N No NOO:

I have no bed to take a nap on and not enough time to go home.


  1. Party what party:

I miss those late night parties.  Actually I miss all the parties.


  1. Overall cheaper:

Renting an apartment can be expensive. Buying groceries and gas is not cheap either.  It adds up!


There are some perks though. Here are my five favorite things.


  1. Not having to share a shower:

Those nasty showers are no longer an issue.  Also I have hot water anytime.


  1. Not having just cafeteria food:

Let us be real. Cafeteria food can be gross and sometimes I just want a home cooked meal.


  1. Not having to live at your school:

Personally I love not having to live at school and I can escape for awhile. Plus not having to share a tiny dorm with three others is a perk.


  1. Awe peace and quiet:

Tiny dorms can come with too much noise whether from your roommates or neighbors.


  1. Not having to move again and again

I do not have to stress about packing every fall and summer.


So while there are a lot of downsides to living off campus, there are some great perks. For me those perks were what made me decide to be a commuter.