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Winter can be hard for couples. A lot of places that were perfect for date night in the summer are closed and with upcoming holiday preparation and work, it’s just easier to stay in and watch something. While this is amazing for most nights, sometimes you have to mix it up. Websites like Pinterest can offer a lot of ideas, but too many of those dates either cost too much or just aren’t realistic for most couples. Especially during a pandemic, making sure the two of you stay healthy and keep others safe is a top priority. Staying at home for the night can be transformed from a regular night to a special date night with only a couple of things, and it has so much potential to create some of the most cherished memories for couples.


Something as simple as getting a couple of cheap face masks, pore strips, and other pampering materials you want on your next grocery trip is the perfect preparation for an amazing date night later that week. Taking care of yourself while also being able to take care of your partner is a win-win. It helps ensure that you show your partner how much you care about them actively and consistently which will help give them a little boost they probably need. You can start the night off by taking a shower or bath together and then move on to a fun at-home spa with some nice music or your favorite movie on in the background. It lets both of you unwind with each other and will many times lead to one of the best night’s sleep.


Similarly, going on a walk might be what you both need. It doesn’t have to be anything too long, but in the winter a lot of us tend to tuck in at home more than we probably should. So, choosing a night when it’s a little bit warmer out, (bonus points if it’s snowing like in all of those Christmas rom-coms) and bundling up to get out of the house and move your body is going to feel refreshing. When you’re not in your home surrounded by the things you could or should be doing, it helps you give your partner your undivided attention and affection. Then when you come inside it gives you the perfect reason to cuddle up under a blanket and warm each other up before making dinner. This is something that doesn’t take much time so fitting it into a busy day is possible and is something that can make a regular night an even more special one.


On a night when you have a little more time, try picking up some fleece fabric or even two old blankets, and making a tie blanket out of them. It’s a fun idea to keep you warm while not requiring a ton of extra sewing materials or skills,  (there are hundreds of tutorials on YouTube so even if you hit a bump in the road you’ll be able to make it work). It’ll take up most of the night but is repetitive enough to where you can easily do something else along with it and is a perfect way to get some time off of screens. Even if you don’t need any more blankets in your house, with the change of the season too many charities are in need of resources like these, so consider donating it to help your community.

Overall, a lot of these activities can be boiled down to intentionally showing your partner you care about them by doing something special. Winter is a time that can be hard to think of ways to do this, so look at your everyday routine already in place. Lots of times there are going to be places where you could sneak something extra in and those are the places you want to emphasize. Every relationship is different, but taking the time to look at your own and choose something that would help the two of you is going to make those nights incredibly intimate and fulfilling.

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