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  1. The Harry Potter series is for anyone who either loves the story or just doesn’t know it yet. This is a great gift for any Potter-head in your life who doesn’t already own all seven books. Or, for any nieces or nephews you might have that have yet to be exposed to the magical world of Hogwarts. Another option is the illustrated series that currently has the first four books released. Both can be found at multiple bookstores and retailers.




  1. A cologne or perfume sample set is perfect for any person on your list. It’s always a guessing game when trying to pick one out and it’s also never the cheapest option. But a sample set is perfect because whoever you’re gifting gets to choose what they like. Also, some come with a voucher for a full sized product once they’ve made their decision. This one was purchased from Ulta Beauty for just under $30.



  1. Candles can be seen as a last minute gift but in reality, who isn’t happy when they get one? If you really know the person, you can try and color coordinate the candle to their bedroom, living room, or even bathroom so they really feel like it’s for them and not just something that you picked up at Target on your way home on Christmas Eve. Remember to always smell before you buy. 



  1. When you were a kid, getting socks was the one of the worst things you could possibly open on Christmas morning. Now, my sock collection is thriving and I wouldn’t have it any other way. New and nice socks are often overlooked but always appreciated. Different heights and colors are the way to go, unless specifically asked for otherwise. 



  1. A puzzle or brain teaser game is for the person who enjoys challenging themselves but also would appreciate some alone time. This particular puzzle is one of the hardest i’ve ever seen and is guaranteed to give hours of frustration which is fun to some people!



  1. New bedding. Whether it’s a sheet set, new pillowcases, new pillows, or a large quilt, this is a gift that is a surefire success. This is especially nice for the college student in your life who spends the majority of their time in their dorm room. Having a nice blanket to snuggle with makes their time in there much more enjoyable. 


  1. This goes hand in hand with the bedding. Spicing up your home decor makes wherever you’re living feel more homey and comfortable. Some simple wall accessories can make a huge difference. This can go from DIY canvas paintings, small accents, to large expensive photographs depending on how much you’re willing to spend this year. My go to places for wall decor is always Etsy and HomeGoods.


  1. For the person who’s all about practicality, a fabric steamer is a great gift. These are much easier to use than an iron and can be used on any fabric. Other gifts in this category include: an electric toothbrush, reusable food storage bags, or a mini vacuum (all of which are on my list this year).


  1. Any athlete can tell you that you can never have enough water bottles. Especially for the ones who use one for their smoothie, another for their protein shake, and finally one for water. I use one water bottle for when I’m sitting at my desk versus when I’m out on a run. No matter what, a water bottle is an inexpensive gift that can also be customized to that person’s preferences. My favorite places to find inexpensive water bottles are stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or Nordstrom Rack.


  1. Finally, the last thing that you can gift somebody this year is some quality time. Gathering in large groups has been put to a halt and that does not exclude the holiday season. Plan an evening for your friends or family for when we are all able to be together again. That might include you cooking a home cooked meal or ordering takeout. Maybe it’s setting up your living room like a movie theater. Maybe it’s a game night or a competition day! Whatever you want to do, make the plan! It’ll show that you miss them and are excited to finally be able to be together again. Until that comes though, stay safe!


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