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Now that my friends and I have a house together, we all got really excited at the idea of hosting a friendsgiving this year. Since we have no experiencing hosting something like this, I figured it would be a good time to start researching and planning, and hopefully helping others in the process.

Make it a potluck.

We’re all on a budget, and as the host, providing a few main dishes and having guests bring others is a really great way to not break the bank. Since most of our friends are vegetarian, having a small turkey for those who eat meat and making mashed potatoes and stuffing are perfect to make sure the essentials are covered. Then, ask others to bring a fruit and veggie dish, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole (to cover other classics), or ask them to branch out away from non-traditional Thanksgiving foods.

Prepare your house for guests.

The Midway houses are small, and ours is no exception. Moving clunky, unnecessary furniture into bedrooms people won’t be using during the time of friendsgiving is essential. Make sure there is plenty of space to sit, even if it’s just on the floor around a coffee table, like at our house. Set aside more time beforehand to clean than you think you need (it’s going to take more than an hour for sure). Give a thorough sweep or vacuum, wipe off all surfaces, and start burning a nice candle hours beforehand to make sure the house smells welcoming and warm. 

Set up entertainment.

Prepare a good playlist for background music during the meal itself (you want guests to feel comfortable enough to talk as much as they want). If your guests are the movie type, have a few movies in mind so that everyone isn’t sitting around, clicking through Netflix saying “I don’t know, not that one.” Have games prepared, too. Mancala is a classic in our home, not to mention a cute decoration. Having that, and maybe Clue or Monopoly (even though it never ends), and a deck of cards (be it regular or Cards Against Humanity) set out in an obvious place so guests feel comfortable to whip the games out whenever they feel ready without the pressure of the host suggesting it. 

Don’t stress, it’s your friendsgiving, too!

Remember that no matter what, these guests are your friends, and they will have fun regardless! Food, good music and a welcoming house filled with people you love is a guaranteed good time. Eat your share of mashed potatoes, dominate a game of Clue, and be thankful to have such wonderful people in your life. Closing out the meal going around and having everyone say one thing they’re thankful for is a wholesome way to reflect.

As always, remember to celebrate Thanksgiving in a respectful, reflectful way, and to be thankful you’re able to celebrate with people you love.

Molly is currently a junior at Hamline University who is studying English, Professional Writing and Communications.
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