Exploring Latin America: Social and Economic Problems

Spanish for the Professional is inviting all of campus to join us on November 21st from 2:30-4pm in Anderson 111 for the Exploring Latin America: Social and Economic Problems Fair! The fair is described as: “Celebrating aspects of culture and tackling issues of social justice in Spanish speaking countries.” 

The students in Augustina Borre’s Spanish for the Professional class have spent their semester researching various spanish speaking countries, looking not only into their culture, but also their cultural dilemmas. The students weren’t meant to stop there—because wouldn’t that be such a dour exploration of a country?—they continued their research in order to find a local nonprofit in their country of choice that is attempting to solve the dilemma. 

For example, as a student of the class myself, I researched Guatemala.I discovered it’s a country struggling for the rights and safety of its women, but I also discovered UPAVIM, an organization working to give women independence, income and confidence, among many other practical resources like a library, English classes and scholarships for their children. They sell handmade crafts you can purchase to support them on their website. Fun fact: they were co-founded with a Sister Parish group in Bemidji, Minnesota!

Now this would be a terribly boring article if that was where these projects ended, in-class presentations. Instead, these presentations are coming to campus. It’s open to all who want to explore other countries and cultures, and any Spanish speakers/students who want to practice the language with students in an advanced level course. Obviously, if you don’t speak Spanish, you’re still welcomed and encouraged to attend. 

This fair is entirely planned by its students, each one having to “apply” for various jobs in communication, design, logistics or other departments. All outreach and planning and budget making is done by the students, making it a great opportunity to support your local Pipers!

We hope you come and join us, and learn more about our world!