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Fall is in the air, and a new school year at Hamline has begun! For some, this is our first semester in college. For others, this is the beginning of their fourth year. Although we are all at different times in our lives, we can all agree on one thing. We each need a space on campus that makes us feel at home and comfortable. For many of us this is our dorm room. Universally known for being bland and kind of hard to live in, American dorm rooms are admittedly not the most homey of places. However, lucky for you, I will share some tips to make your space enjoyable and a nice place to have friends over or simply unwind after a long day.

One of the things that make my room feel like home are plants. I personally brought my plant from home and then added to it by getting a cactus at the Adopt a Plant event here at Hamline. Adding greenery can add a garden-feel to your room and be a refreshing pop of color during the bleak winter months! One thing to note about plants is to make sure that you pick a plant that is relatively easy to take care of. (I have a spider plant and I only have to water it once a week.)

Another thing that can add to your space are pictures or posters. I have lots of pictures of my family and friends from high school that I get to look at every day. If you don’t have or want pictures of people you know, you can always pick something more fitting– like a poster of your favorite band or movie, artwork or something else completely. 

Here is the wall over my bed. Most of the pictures are of family and friends but I also have posters of things that I am passionate about such as social justice and reproductive rights. Photo taken by Evelyn Harrison.

Nothing makes a room stand out like lighting. I have fairy lights and a lamp that I try to keep on so that I don’t have to deal with harsh fluorescent lighting where I sleep. Just remember, make sure you have an open conversation with your roommate, if applicable, so that your choices don’t mess up their personal space. 

Part of college is making your experience what you want it to be. Whatever your aesthetic is, designing your room so it embodies your style and makes you feel safe will improve your overall well being and help you feel more connected to campus. What are you waiting for? Get to decorating and have a great semester!

Hi! My name is Evelyn and I am studying psychology and sociology.