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With the world in chaos and rife with anxiety over the election and COVID-19, I made it a mission to watch as many Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan movies as possible. Arguably, Sebastian takes the cake in terms of acting chops. However, this does not take away from the glorious man that is Christopher Robert Evans. He is and always will be the best Chris (and Chris Pratt will always be the worst thank-you). Chris Evans, and his shapely ass, should be given more spotlight. After 22 movies, here are his top ten movies. I highly recommend you check them out in these crazy times! Read to the end for a peek at his worst flicks. 

  1. What’s Your Number

    1. This may be the best movie of Chris’ I’ve seen. Not only is it a perfect showing of who Chris is and where his talents lie, but it’s also a good rom-com! It embodies the 2000’s in the best way with the classic story of the underdog guy getting to the top! Colin Shea is the perfect and loving guy. Not unlike Evans himself. 100000/10. 

  1. Knives Out 

    1. Mmmm… dark and salty Chris. The white sweater. That’s all I’ll say. 1000000/10 would recommend. 

  2. Fantastic Four Series

    1. Johnny Storm is the most lovable asshole in the entire world. If I met Johnny, he is absolutely the type of guy I would punch in the face. But he’s also the type of guy, who if he tried could melt your heart. And not only because he has fire powers. 8/10

  3. Avengers: Infinity War 

    1. This takes the 4th spot on this list, mainly due to his looks. Nomad Steve Rogers is the peak Steve Rogers. But, not only does his acting skills get challenged, he is able to showcase the complexities and downfalls of being Captain America. 1000000/10

  4. Not Another Teen Movie

    1. In some interviews, he says he is embarrassed by this movie. WHICH HE SHOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT BE. NATM is a parody of a multitude of rom-coms from the early 2000s. Showcasing comedy is where his talents ultimately lie. It’s raunchy, sometimes questionable, but ultimately a good time. It also contains a little of Chris Evans singing. 8/10

  5. Defending Jacob

    1. Here we see a darker Chris as we watch him navigate the perils of the murder trial for his son. He plays the grieving role well, in a way where he gets to watch everything fall apart around him in the best way. You feel for the guy and want to give him a hug in those nice expensive lawyer suits. However, this show highlights that drama isn’t his strong suit. The man doesn’t cry well. Some scenes seem awkward and forced. It’s a good show, a little slow, but definitely a must-watch for the plot twists.  7/10

  6. Snowpiercer

    1. I love the plot of this movie and all the genres this movie has to offer. I wouldn’t recommend it for those who are faint of heart. The connection  to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is insane and confusing, but if you dive deep it’s super interesting to read about! Again, the more dramatic scenes that require a wide range of expression fall a little short from Chris. But the parts where he gets to become the hero and the journey he goes on to get there is well worth the watch! 7/10

  7. Captain America: Civil War

    1. Seeing Chris as Steve fight for the person of his past is so fun to watch. While he may not be able to fully reach those gushy moments, he has strong melancholic moments that are featured in Civil War, especially the darker scenes about riendship and losing those close to you. 9/10

  8. Avengers: Age of Ultron

    1. This one is mainly on here for the way he looks in that blue shirt. If you know you know. It’s not the best Avenger in the quartet, but a must-watch if you love Chris. 6/10

  9.  Gifted

    1. This movie has a solid cast of seasoned actors. I mean it has Mckenna Grace, arguably the most talented actress of her generation! Most importantly, it has Chris as a dad figure. Which is something we should all have the pleasure of viewing. 6/10

  10. *Playing It Cool

    1. Now, here we go. These last two are on the bad list. These are the movies I don’t recommend. In this movie, the main character, ‘me,’ is a narcissistic asshole. He doesn’t drop things when he should and ends up making himself look bad in the process. He’s rude to his friends and family, and in the end really fucks it up. He doesn’t deserve what he gets in the end and my friend and I were rooting for anybody but him. 0/10

  11. *Red Sea Diving Resort

    1. Do not waste your life on this; do not waste your breath nor time. The reason is not because the movie is bad. In fact, if this list were only about his best looks, this movie would be number one. Instead, it’s because he never should’ve taken this movie in the first place. It’s based on the real events that save Jewish people from being persecuted in Ethiopia to find safety. However. The main character is based on a black man’s efforts to do this project. And if you know anything about Chris Evans, he is not black. Yes, it is mainly casting and production’s fault for even looking at him for the role. But, knowing how politically active and socially aware as he is, Chris should have known better than to take a role from a black actor. Especially when it is based on a real person. I can’t be a fan of someone without calling them out for something they have done wrong and acknowledging the situation. -10/10

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