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Best Writing Songs

Sitting down to write can be one of the most stressful parts of college. One of the best ways to get yourself into a creative space of mind for writing is to listen to a good playlist. The best music to listen to during writing should be lyrically complex to invoke a better thought process, and it should get you in the mood to create. Here’s a list of some of the best writing songs:

1. She Lays Down – The 1975

This song is calm and flowing. It’s about the lead singer’s mother having postnatal depression after he was born, and will really make you think.

2. Landslide – Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac are a classic, and it only makes sense that Landslide appeared on this list. Stevie Nicks wrote this song the night before her father had surgery meaning  here is a lot of meaning behind it.

3. Heart of Gold- Neil Young

Neil Young is an underrated musical and lyrical genius. All of his songs have deep symbolism combined with raw vocal talent that can speak to any writer.

4. Same Drugs – Chance the Rapper

Same Drugs is actually not about drugs, but a symbolic song about the movie Peter Pan. Lines throughout the song like, “When did you change? Wendy, you’ve aged, I thought you’d never grow up…” show the depth of the song.

5. Praying – Kesha

After Kesha’s battle against (scumbag) Dr. Luke, she produced a beautiful album, which included the song Praying. She also promotes self love, which is super important, especially for overworked college kids!

6. Buttercup – Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus are a local band with fairly upbeat music. The lyrics in this song are also full of symbolism and depth. Support your local bands!

7. Money Trees – Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is a lyrical god. Many of his songs address police brutality, poverty, racism and far more topics. A lot of his songs have slower beats, which makes them perfect to listen to while writing.

8. White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes are experts when it comes to making laid back songs. This song will put you in a good mood to write.

9. Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? – Arctic Monkeys

Each song produced by the Arctic Monkeys has a cool beat with great lyrics to accompany it.

10. Ivy- Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean has been making fantastic calming music for the entirety of his career. His lyrics paired with soothing music make for good writing music.

Each of these songs have deeper symbolic meanings, and this makes them good thinking songs. They are all excellent for helping you get in the mood to write and be creative.


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