Beauty Gurus Who Stay Drama Free

If you’re someone who hasn’t been keeping up with the drama in the YouTube beauty community, here’s a snapshot: over the course of a few weeks, some of the most influential people representing the community have been at war with one another, exposing the others for wrongdoings in their pasts (cue Laura Lee wiping away a tear). Instead of catching up on the petty, catch up on some of these really great, drama free YouTubers.

Chloe Morello:

Chloe Morello is a pretty big name with over two million subscribers, so you’d think she would be someone who would be caught up in all of the internet drama. Contrary to that, she stays away from the drama and is often poking fun at those who are causing the problems.

Her most recent video encompasses her sarcastic and fun personality perfectly, and helps us viewers remember there are still beauty gurus out there with a sense of humor.


Another YouTuber who has an awesome personality is Gina Shkeda. She never tries to hide that she’s a little messy and a little tired; she’s a nice reminder that the perfect persona put on by a lot of influencers isn’t real.

Along with that, her makeup and video editing talents are unbelievable. For an artistic and aesthetic feel, her videos are the ones to watch. This video showcases her talent with a camera and a makeup brush.


If you’ve got a hankering for some serious talent and some serious quirkiness, Jordi is the girl for you. She truly fits the title of being an artist; every look is well thought out and tied together down to hair and jewelry.

Her calming yet eccentric personality makes her videos relaxing and fun to watch. Whether you’re looking for a natural tutorial or possibly one for blue skin, her channel has it.

Jamie Genevieve:

If you’re like me and love watching people beat their face, this is that channel. Jamie is the queen of a full face of beautiful makeup that highlights her unbelievable natural beauty. People who’ve met her in person have given raving reviews of the genuine kindness and humbleness she possesses.

If you’re interested in her thoughts on the chaos that is the beauty community, here’s that video. Aside from that, her videos are mostly makeup and love and peace with fun vlogs thrown in every few videos.


Another very down to earth YouTuber who just simply loves makeup is Stephanie Ledda. With almost a million subscribers, it can be easy to see why people love watching her.

Her nonchalant, relaxed personality mixed in with sarcastic humor makes her the kind of girl you can sit down to watch and feel like you’re hanging out with in real life. Most of her looks are extremely wearable while still being fabulous.


For someone who works so hard and uses her platform for good, look no further than Taylor. Foundation is kind of her thing; she tests a new foundation every Friday and does a series a few times a year called 15 Days of Foundation Friday where she tests a new foundation every day for 15 days straight.

During the duration of the series, she raises money for a local women’s shelter, Project Beauty Share. She’s one of the few YouTubers who uses her following to help make a difference in the world, and it’s truly inspiring to see someone dedicated to helping others.

While keeping up with the drama can be fun, it’s definitely worth your time to watch YouTubers who work hard and do good. After all, watching those painful five seconds of an ad before you can skip adds up to dollars in the video creator’s pocket. Do you really want to give Laura “retweet ugly things” Lee your money?