5 Places to See Amazing Fall Colors

Fall brings beautiful landscapes along with cooler weather and a reminder that winter will soon be upon us. Red, orange and yellow leaves make for stunning sights! But where are the best places to see the changing colors? Here are 5 spots around the Twin Cities that are sure to be picture-worthy this autumn season. 

1. Como Park

Como Park is lovely any time of the year, but when all the trees change color the winding paths become even more amazing. As a bonus, you’re right by the Como Zoo and Conservatory! The conservatory has an indoor collection of exotic plants but also has curated outdoor gardens and nature paths, which create beautiful landscapes and lush colors in the fall. 

2. Minnehaha Falls 

The park at Minnehaha Falls has a lot of walking and hiking paths around the waterfall, and being in a wooded area it becomes especially vibrant in autumn. The waterfall and rivers make an amazing backdrop for pictures! If you return in the spring or summer, grab some lunch at the delicious Sea Salt Eatery, which is unfortunately closed for the season. 

3. Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

It’s a bit of a hike and usually has an admission fee, but the Arboretum has a huge variety of flowers and trees. With the cool weather and beautiful displays, fall is probably the best time to visit! The sprawling grounds are truly picturesque and they have a prairie made up entirely of plants native to Minnesota. Every 3rd Monday of the month is free admission day. 

4. Caponi Art Park

I’ve never been, but I’ve heard that Caponi Art Park has beautiful nature trails featuring unique outdoor art. The 60-acre park offers self-guided tours and free admission. It’s located in Eagan, which is just 20 minutes from St. Paul. There are pictures online of the beautiful wooded paths, which must look stunning in fall colors! I’m definitely making a trip out there this year. 

5. High Bridge and Ford Parkway Bridge

When I asked my friends for recommendations, both of these St. Paul bridges were mentioned. Both overlook the Mississippi river and the dense (and colorful) patches of trees on each bank. Walking along them also gives a sense of hometown history⁠—High Bridge was built in 1889 (though it has been rebuilt since the original collapsed) and Ford Parkway Bridge was built in 1925. 

So bundle up in your favorite jacket and go explore the beauty surrounding us! Minnesota has so many gorgeous places to visit. It’s the perfect time to take advantage of the good weather and be in nature before we get hit with arctic freezes. As a bonus, you can get some amazing pictures!