35 Little Things to Be Happy About

When life is busy and you’re stressed out, it can be difficult to find moments of happiness. As summer fades into fall and the new semester really gets into swing, the world sometimes feels a little bleaker. If you’re feeling down or just worn out from settling into a new routine, here are some little thoughts that may bring a smile to your face. 

  1. The feeling of comfy socks.

  2. Freshly washed towels.

  3. A new episode of a TV show.

  4. Actually enjoying a textbook.

  5. Perfectly-made coffee.

  6. Leaves changing color for fall.

  7. Class ending early.

  8. Seeing a cute dog on campus. 

  9. Chatting with a friend.

  10. Discovering a new podcast or TV series.

  11. Buying something and finding out it’s on sale.

  12. Getting your favorite dessert with dinner. 

  13. Finding new clothes that are just what you wanted.

  14. Listening to a favorite band. 

  15. Getting to sit and relax after a long day.

  16. Cozy blankets.

  17. Listening to rain.

  18. Going to the movies.

  19. Making a new friend in class.

  20. Exploring a new part of the city.

  21. Finishing homework earlier than you expected.

  22. Texting an old friend. 

  23. Having a great hair day. 

  24. Reading an amazing book.

  25. Sleeping in.

  26. Getting a great grade on an assignment. 

  27. Having a perfectly clean room.

  28. Taking a nice warm bath.

  29. Waking up right on time.

  30. Hugging a loved one. 

  31. Your favorite hobby.

  32. A time you made a difference to someone.

  33. Boots that fit perfectly. 

  34. Loving a class.

  35. Everything you have to offer the world.

When times are tough, try to find the positives. Even little things can help to lift your mood. Keep thinking happy thoughts and you’ll make it through—I believe in you.