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As the days get shorter, lighting a few nice smelling candles can create a cozy atmosphere perfect for studying or a movie night. If you live in the on-campus residence halls or can’t burn candles in your place, wax melts or room sprays are good alternatives. Since there are many scents to choose from, here are 10 good choices for setting a fall mood. 

1. Pumpkin Spice

The Jack-o-lanterns may have gone away, but pumpkin spice is here to stay. Even if you’re sick of pumpkin spice being on everything from coffee to almonds, the blend smells really nice in candle form. It’s a lot more subtle and the spices give off the perfect fall aroma. 

2. Sandalwood 

Sandalwood is a classic scent, and its smoky tones are perfect for fall. It’s compelling on its own but it is also wonderful when blended with other scents. 

3. Apple Cider 

Apple cider is another spice-heavy fall classic. Curl up with a good book, drink a glass of apple cider and light an apple cider candle for the perfect cozy fall night indoors. 

4. Vanilla 

Vanilla is a warm scent reminiscent of baking, which always makes me feel content. You can find it in a large variety of combinations with other fall scents. This is a nice subtle scent, so if you find some scents overwhelming this may be a good option. 

5. Autumn Wreath 

This is a Yankee Candle scent, and it’s one of my all-time favorites. It reminds me of jumping in leaf piles, making pies and wearing my comfiest sweaters. It’s sweet with a hint of cinnamon and crisp fall air, one of my favorite parts of autumn! Yankee Candles last for a long time and they also offer candle melts and room sprays. 

6. Cranberry 

This fall scent is tangy and reminiscent of Thanksgiving dinner. It’s not overwhelmingly fruity, which I appreciate. 

7. Pine Tree

I associate this smell with the end of autumn and the start of winter, so I usually start lighting it around the end of November. It’s a wonderful fall scent as the world transitions from falling leaves to falling snow. 

8. Maple 

Maple is definitely a fall scent and also comes in a variety of combinations. The only detractor is that you might start craving pancakes! 

9. Pomegranate 

Pomegranate is one of my favorite candle scents. It’s also not overwhelmingly fruity and it definitely gives off more of a fall vibe than most fruits associated with spring and summer. It pairs really well with warm vanilla!

10. Champagne Toast

This is a Bath and Body Works product, and another one of my favorite candles. It smells so good that I have it in a lotion and bath gel too! They describe the scents as champagne, berries and orange, which combine into a deliciously sweet scent that pairs perfectly with a chilly autumn morning. 

Stay warm and cozy this season by choosing the perfect fall candle scent. Whether you’re doing homework, socializing or spending a night in alone, a wonderful aroma can help set the mood. Lighting a candle helps brighten the long nights ahead of us too! 

I study Criminal Justice at Hamline University, with minors in Forensic Science and Creative Writing.
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