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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hamilton chapter.


Whether you’re a freshman and dealing with homesickness, or an upperclassmen getting back into the swing of stressful classes and overwhelming schedules, these small habits can help you feel better and recharge the health of your mind, body and soul.



  • Meditation
    • Meditation has become far more popular in the past few years. While the image of sitting cross-legged and humming may not be your style, meditation comes in many forms. Simply sitting and taking a few minutes to follow your breath and center yourself every day or when you’re particularly stressed can change your mindset and make a big difference. If you don’t know where to start, I would recommend using a meditation app (Headspace is my favorite) that will guide you through some breathing exercises.
  • Journal or make a list
    • Simply the action of writing something that’s bothering you down can help alleviate anxiety in your mind. Make a list of things that are causing you anxiety or allow yourself to write for a period of time without censoring yourself. You’ll be surprised how much lighter you feel afterwards.
  • Find someone to talk to
    • Similarly to journaling, talking to someone helps work through negative thoughts running through your head. Grab a friend, professor or one of your parents and let them know what’s going on. Or, make your way down to the counseling center and make an appointment to talk with a licensed therapist or explore other counseling options! 


  • Get yourself moving
    • If you’re not used to exercising a lot, college is a great time to start making it a habit. Exercise doesn’t have to be an hour everyday in the weight room or on the treadmill. While many people find that going to the gym is helpful in alleviating stress and staying healthy, you can also just take a walk through the woods or find a quick yoga session on YouTube to follow. Exercise doesn’t have to be intense, but moving your body makes a huge difference in your wellbeing.
  • Eat whole foods
    • It might be tempting to always reach for that slice of pizza, but instead of doing that everyday, try to focus your diet around wholesome foods that grow from the earth. The more you eat whole foods- such as vegetables, fruits and simple grains- the stronger and cleaner your body will feel. Use food as medicine- imagine everything you eat as being used as energy and try to make that energy as pure and clean as possible.
  • Sleep well
    • Sleep is so important for your wellbeing. A relaxing nighttime routine can help ensure that you’re falling into a deep, restorative sleep when you go to bed. Use an eye-mask to block any light and wind down by using lavender essential oil. Listen to relaxing music or read a chapter of a non-school book. Having a nice way to wind down at night will help you to get the proper amount and quality of sleep.


  • Find something to look forward to
    • Whether it’s a weekly club or weekend plans, having something to look forward to always helps to keep your mood up and working towards something. Find something that you love to do and do it often. 
  • Slow down
    • Try to incorporate mindfulness in as many parts of your day as possible. Just slow down and stay in the moment. This can be done while completing mundane tasks- Brushing your teeth, making your bed, or even walking across campus. Just take a few minutes to slow your breathing and be completely present in the current moment
  • Connect with family
    • Face time your parents, text your brother, or call your grandparents. Take time to catch up with people back at home. Spending four years out of the house and away from your family can be difficult. Connecting with the people you love can make the distance feel shorter and make you feel comforted.


Hope that these small tips were helpful- Stay healthy!


By Sosha Stecher

Sosha Stecher

Hamilton '22

Sosha is from Massachusetts and is a student at Hamilton College studying psychology.
Emma Ritz

Hamilton '20

Emma Ritz is a Junior at Hamilton College in New York, majoring in world politics.