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How to Get in the Halloween Spirit

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hamilton chapter.

The time around Halloween is always lots of fun — costumes, decorations, spooky sights; it’s all so exciting! Whether you want to go all out or just show a little Halloween spirit, here are some tips from a huge fan of the holiday: 

1. Dress up! 

What would Halloween be without costumes? You don’t have to break the bank for an outfit you’ll just wear a couple of times, or freeze yourself in the chilly October air in a “sexy” getup. Amazon and even regular Halloween/party stores have some more affordable options, or you could just buy a few accessories to pair with normal clothes. Homemade costumes are always impressive too! Check out Pinterest for some inspiration, or go as your favorite animal or something clever, like a “cereal killer”. You can even dress as something Hamilton-themed. Of course, you might already have everything you need in your closet! The right colored sweater (or something close enough) could turn you into Pam Beasley or the Arthur meme, or a bunch of other stuff! Evaluate your wardrobe with a creative eye and you might surprise yourself. 

2. Decorate your dorm room! 

It’s fun to surround yourself with reminders of the holiday, especially if you have drab concrete walls. Visit 5 Below or the dollar section of Target to find some super cheap but spirited decorations. Or, if your artsy, draw some skulls and witches and tape them up! If you’re really dedicated, just never clean your room to attract some authentic spiderwebs. 

3. Eat candy! 

The days of trick-or-treating may be over, but Halloween is a perfect excuse to indulge. Grab some of your favorite candies, or something that reminds you of your childhood, and treat yo self! You could even get together with friends and each bring a different kind so you can trade like the good old days. Alternatively, sign up for Trust Treat and host a candy stop for local kids who will be trick-or-treating around campus. You get to see their cute or funny little costumes, and watch their faces light up as you give them sweets! 

4. Watch spooky movies! 

I’m not a horror movie person myself, but if you are, you can’t pass up the opportunity to watch one (or ten) during the scariest time of the year. Gather some friends and turn out all the lights for the perfect balance of scary and safe. If you’re like me, search for The Nightmare Before Christmas  or another more tame movie and enjoy! 

5. Attend Hogwarts at Hamilton!

Nest weekend is Hogwarts at Hamilton! Show up to Benedict at night for creative Harry Potter inspired skits. Earlier shows are kid-friendly and very cute, and the later shows have some entertaining adult humor. I recommend going to one of each for the full experience. 

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