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9 Things All Marylanders Will Understand

9 Things All Marylanders Will Understand

1. When you see Maryland crab cakes on any restaurant menu outside of the state of Maryland, you laugh at the idea of ordering that mockery. 


2. You have never fully been able to explain exactly how amazing Old Bay is to people from other states. “So it’s just a spice you put on crabs?” Yes… and no.


3. You recognize the perfection in Maryland’s simple state flag.


4. Yes, you are aware that you live below the Mason Dixon line, but you don’t see yourself as Southern.


5. Sometimes you find yourself casually humming the Eastern Motors theme song for no apparent reason. That bright yellow and red logo is permanently burned into your memory.


6. Contrary to popular belief, you know the DMV doesn’t stand for the Department of Motor Vehicles, but D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.


7. You know the struggle of crossing the Bay Bridge on a weekend in the summer. Bay Bridge bound on a Friday is never a good situation to be in.


8. Even if you didn’t go to the University of Maryland, you own some garb, probably with a terrapin on it. 


9. You can place the quote, “Crab cakes and football, that’s what Maryland does!” 

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