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5 Websites to Help You Procrastinate During Finals Week

5 Websites to Help You Procrastinate During Finals Week

Finals suck, and sometimes the only way to get through the crazy amount of work you have is to motivate yourself with short bursts of procrastination. So here are 5 websites to give you a little study break:

1. Buzzfeed – Buzzfeed.com

Buzzfeed has perfected the list. Any list you could ever imagine, you can find on Buzzfeed. From 26 Things You Never Knew You Needed to the Best 50 Photographs taken in 2015, Buzzfeed’s lists provide a great way to take a short break.


2. Etsy – Etsy.com

Etsy has endless one of a kind hand crafted items that you can search for by theme. I can browse for hours looking at the various Harry Potter inspired products!


3. Stumble Upon – StumbleUpon.com

Have you ever wanted to procrastinate, but not been exactly sure what you were in the mood to do? Stumble Upon is the perfect site for you. It randomly generates web pages based on your preferences every time you press the “Stumble” button. The fun is that you never know what is coming next!


4. Sporcle – Sporcle.com

Sporcle is a huge collection of quizzes and games that you can choose from based on topic. They include everything from quizzes on the capitals of all 50 states to games about brand logos.


5. The Daily Puppy – Dailypuppy.com

The Daily Puppy website greets you with a picture of an adorable puppy every time you visit. So instead of finishing that paper, you can keep scrolling through endless photos of puppies for as long as your heart desires!


Now get back to studying!


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