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5 Creative Ways to Stay Warm

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hamilton chapter.

Here at Hamilton, the last two weeks have been unbearably cold. Temperatures have ranged from way below zero to a whopping 25 degrees! You may have started to think to yourself, “Why did I ever think going to this school was a good idea?” Have no fear! Here are some awesome, creative tips to stay warm:

1. Run from building to building. Seriously. If you run from building to building, you will more quickly arrive at a warm place as well as keep your body warm from the exercise! Try to stay in each building as long as you can before heading back out again. Also, be sure to identify buildings along the way from one side of campus to the other, such as Sadove or the Mail Center, to warm up before continuing on your frosty journey.

2. Carry some hand warmers in your pockets. Head down to your local drug store and purchase some hand warmers. You can get a pack of them for only $10 – a small price to pay for some much needed warmth.

3. Invest in a ski mask. When you are walking across campus and feel totally covered in layers, all of a sudden you may feel a gust of wind that actually hurts your face. Here is where the ski mask comes in! Sure, you may look a bit ridiculous and not exactly recognizable, but hey, at least you will be warm!

4. Multiple layers ALWAYS. Ladies, wearing tights or leggings under your jeans makes a world of a difference! Also, be sure not to leave your room without at least three or four solid layers of clothing on. And of course, make sure you have a warm, long coat as well as a hat and gloves. With all of those layers, you will surely stay warm!

5. Eat a hearty meal. While in the dining hall, eat some warm soup and drink some tea or hot cocoa. By putting all of those warm foods and beverages in your body, you can retain some of that heat as you embark on your next trip into the tundra of Hamilton.

Soozy Adelman is a junior at Hamilton College. She is a Sociology Major, and Government Minor.