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The 5 Best Ways to Procrastinate While Studying for Finals

Now that this semester’s final exam period is officially underway, and we are all anxiety-ridden and stressed out of our minds, I thought it would be fitting to provide you all with my top five favorite ways to procrastinate while studying for finals. Call me a bad influence, but procrastination is inevitable during this week, so why not do it right.

1) Go for a walk. The best way to procrastinate involves getting up from the table or cubicle you’ve been sitting in all day to stretch your legs and get some fresh air. You don’t actually even need to leave the building you are in (you’ll be able to find me taking walks around KJ multiple times this week).

2) Go to OPUS. nothing says procrastination like a delicious cookie or a cup of coffee to keep your mind off finals for a few minutes.

3) Talk to a friend. If you happen to be studying near a friend, take a break from studying to have a quick chat to take your mind off work. If you’re not studying near a friend but are studying near someone that looks like they would like to procrastinate too, why not start a conversation with them?

4) Online shop. Be careful with this one though, once you start to browse on your favorite store’s website it can be difficult to stop.

5) Go on Facebook. This is a pretty obvious one, which is why I saved it for last. It’s also kind of a last resort, but if you have no other way to procrastinate, by all means Facebook stalk away. 

Emily Malter is a sophomore at Hamilton College majoring in Sociology and World Politics. Emily is from Westchester, New York.
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