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3 Packing Tips

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hamilton chapter.

Stressed about packing up all your stuff AND finishing finals?! Check out these three tips to stay clam until summer and have your room looking clean in no time!

1. You can’t do it all at once.

Set aside sections of your room to focus on one at a time so that you don’t feel overwhelmed with all your stuff. Tell yourself that you will pack up your desk stuff in the morning, closet the next day, and posters the next. If your room begins looking even worse than before you packed, don’t get discouraged! You’ll get it done and then have even more room to pack the next round of items.

2. Moving out is not more important than finals.

Do not use moving out as an excuse to not study or a procrastination tool. Instead, when you feel that you aren’t getting anything done and need to take a quick study break, pack up a few drawers up instead of going on Facebook.  You’ll actually get something accomplished and you’ll be ready to get back to the books after taking a break. Tip: Be realistic- if you only have 20 minutes to pack, try getting everything off your walls rather than packing up your entire closet.

3. Give stuff to Cram & Scram.

If you really don’t want to lug home your fridge, rug, or random clothing item, do not throw it out. Be environmentally friendly and leave discarded items in your common room (properly labeled for Cram & Scram). It takes less time than walking outside to find the dumpster, and someone else will be happy to buy your items next year when they can’t afford a brand new microwave!


Courtney is a sophomore at Hamilton College who is majoring Psychology and minoring in Sociology and Spanish. She enjoys tour guiding, writing, and living on the dark side.