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Tips for Oily-Free Skin in the Last Weeks of Summer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GWU chapter.

Let’s be honest, September in DC can sometimes be an unforgiving tease. Even though school has started, the weather outside mimics that of those July days spent by the pool, and you’re left spending your Monday 8 AM’s wondering how it all went by so fast. Our coursework always manages to creep up on all of us these first few weeks, and in no time we’re juggling countless papers and tests, alongside 20-hour a week internships and off-campus jobs—feels so good just thinking about it! As if those burdens weren’t enough, DC’s (oh-so) beloved humidity levels seem to linger onwards toward mid-October, forcing makeup lovers to endure the next-to impossible task of staying shine-free.  There’s nothing worse than finishing up back-to-back classes in eighty-five degree weather and unexpectedly running into your campus crush, while looking like you just stumbled out of a two-hour class of Bikram Yoga. Yeah, maybe he’ll admire you for balancing a dual-major in Biochemistry and Engineering, but chances are he’ll just think you look really, really sweaty.

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Here are a few tips to keep your face looking matte and fresh all day long:
1.     Unless your skin is extremely dry, it’s best to stick with an oil-free foundation during warmer months. Oil-free foundations are typically water-based, which means that they don’t add extra oil to your skin that could, in turn, make you appear oiler than you are. Even better than using an oil-free foundation is using an oil-free tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizers are less pigmented than foundations, and therefore will give you less coverage. However, you won’t have to deal with a thick foundation clumping up on the surface of your skin (giving the appearance of blotchiness) from its contact with sweat. If need be, you can conceal any stubborn blemishes with a heavy-duty concealer before applying your tinted moisturizer.
2.     Blotting sheets can be saviors in times of high humidity and high temperatures. These thin pieces of papers are meant to absorb any excess oil from your face, without smudging the makeup that’s already in place. They’re extremely easy to use, and extremely portable. If the forecast predicts a sweltering day, throw a pack of blotting sheets into your school bag for mid-day touchups!
3.     Pressed powders are also ideal for maintaining a shine-free complexion. Again, make sure you look out for oil-free pressed powders, so that they mattify your skin. You can apply a pressed powder immediately after applying your foundation or tinted moisturizer, or you can apply it periodically throughout the day to prevent oiliness. When applying a pressed powder, make sure to focus on the areas of your face that typically create more oil (i.e. your T-zone area). Pay special attention to the areas around your nose, your forehead, and your chin.
Good Luck!

Nicole Robert is a senior from North Salem, New York. She transferred from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and this is her third year at The George Washington University. She studies International Affairs with a concentration in Global Public Health, and minors in Public Health. A sister of Delta Gamma, Nicole loves to participate in many community service opportunities. She also interns at Washington Life Magazine and works as a hostess at a local restaurant. When Nicole is not studying or working, she is writing blog posts for The Avant Guide, an up and coming fashion company. She credits Pandora and her personal Tumblr for motivation and a creative outlet.