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Sitting in a Chair All Day Can Be Hardㅡ Have You Tried Chair Yoga?

Chair yoga, a wonderful concept introduced to me in high school by my freshman year English teacher, is the easiest way to loosen up without losing your workflow. You don’t need to get up to stretch, and it’s the perfect five minute break to keep your blood flowing. It’s as simple as it sounds, so here are three of my favorite chair yoga stretches.


Put one hand on the front of your desk and use the other to grab the back of your chair, then twist towards the back hand. This is a great stretch for your upper back and can help when you feel you’ve been sitting still for too long.


Stick both your arms straight up. Then, use your left hand to grab your right wrist and pull it over your head to the side. You should feel the stretch on your right side of your torso. Repeat on the other side.


Finally, neck stretches. To start, simply roll your head around in one direction, then switch after thirty seconds. Then, take your right hand, put it on top of your head, tilt your head to the right, and gently hold. DO NOT use force to pull your head down. Simply hold it in place and you should feel a great stretch.

Molly is a freshman studying political science at George Washington University where she is a member of the Honors College.
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