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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GWU chapter.

It’s difficult to quite put into words how to handle this unusual and confusing time. Besides your walks around the neighborhood or a quick run to the grocery store, you’re mostly at home. You aren’t seeing your dearest friends, your favorite restaurants are practically closed, you miss your favorite spots around town, and you can’t help but constantly wonder when this will all be over. While these are all unfortunate aspects of the current situation, I believe it’s an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to finally start exploring your artistic interests, or to finally clean out your closet, or to redesign your bedroom, or to listen to new music and make new playlists, or to maybe even start cooking like you’ve always wanted to. You’re stuck within the bubble of your town, yes, but why not make it interesting. It can be a time to find your newest hobby or passion. In wake of all of the sudden changes occurring around us, it’s important to allow your mind to relax and unwind; and most importantly, to find the perfect distractions.


For me, it’s been a time for me to try new things, and to get things done that I should have a long time ago. Yes, maintaining a routine can be helpful, but there is nothing wrong with not having one. Whatever works for you, works best. Your life has changed within an instant, and you are not expected to keep your life together, but one thing you can do is keep busy, for both your mental health and for the sake of enjoying and exploring something new.


Here are some ways to keep busy, while still enjoying yourself…


Yes, this is a pretty simple one, but I cannot stress it enough. The thing about art is that there is no such thing as perfect. Grab some paints, a canvas, and a paintbrush, and begin your own personal masterpiece. It can be as simple as brushing on your favorite colors and just going with it. Sit in your backyard, your favorite room, your balcony, wherever it may be, and put on some music and enjoy yourself. Art is not meant to be flawless, so just have fun with it.

Clean out your closet

I’m sure many people need to hear this one. Yes, it does not sound enjoyable, but it can be if you want it to. Once again, put on some music because it makes every situation better. Clear out whatever you don’t see yourself wearing in the future. After this, you can make the choice of what to do with them. You can donate them (always a good choice), sell them on Poshmark, or your own preferred platform, or you can decide to rework some of your older items. I highly don’t recommend just tossing things away. With the sweatshirts I hadn’t touched in months, I decided to splatter bleach them, and now I wear them just about every day. Some other items I chose to tie-dye, which is always a fun activity. Others, such as my denim, I painted on them and glued photo prints to them. Reworking your clothing allows you to stay pleasantly occupied, while also being sustainable. While cleaning out your closet may not be the most enjoyable activity, it can turn into a fun arts and crafts project, and it’s always rewarding after you’re finished.


Here is some inspiration for reworking your clothing:

Change up your room

This doesn’t need to be a full-fledged, expensive ordeal. Redesigning a room is a lot of work. But given the circumstances, you will be spending a lot of time here, and you want to be comfortable and happy. For me, my room is slightly outdated for my own taste, so I have been brainstorming new ideas on how to cater to my style. Maybe paint an accent wall or add some fun details such as this:

Change up your look

If you are feeling like you want to try something new, you can experiment with many different looks. It can be as simple as trying different makeup, or even changing your hair if you’re up for it. You may not be going anywhere, but it’s time to experiment with new things. If you end up liking these looks, then you can do them again after this time passes. Sometimes these little changes in yourself can make you feel like an entirely new and exciting person. 


Here are some fun eye makeup looks to try:


Whether it’s with your family members or alone, this is a really fun way of passing time and enjoying yourself. Out of the thousands of recipes online, I’m sure many will appeal to your taste. Now is the time to get good at things you maybe wouldn’t have otherwise, so turn on some music and start cooking.

Experiment with music

Music has helped me a lot during this time. It can either fill the quietness of your home or block out the extra noise. You can cater the music to how you’re feeling. It can cheer you up when you’re unhappy, or calm you down when you’re trying to relax. With the many benefits of music, why not take this time to explore it. Create a playlist for every one of your moods, or discover new songs you’ve never heard that bring a smile to your face. Now more than ever, finding the little pleasures in life, like music, is definitely worth your time.

Self-care day

While every day should be focused on self-care, I think it’s important to devote significant time to allow yourself to relax and enjoy your solitude. Take a bath, put on a face mask, listen to music, watch Netflix, read, do yoga; self-care is whatever makes you feel happy and at ease. Whatever it may be, make sure you take time to take it all in and focus on yourself. It is extremely important during this time.

Claire is a freshman at the George Washington University Colombian College of Arts and Sciences and a journalism minor. From Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, she loves being at the beach, doing art, and anything related to fashion design.
Sarah is a junior at The George Washington University School of Business, studying Finance and Sports Management, with a minor in Spanish. She previously worked at the Her Campus Media headquarters in Boston as a Product and Operations intern. She is a dedicated Boston sports fan, loves to travel, and pets every dog she sees.