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Nine activities for International Students during Thanksgiving

We have almost a month before the much anticipated five-day Thanksgiving break! While for most people it means going back home and gobbling down plates after plates of delicious goodies, Thanksgiving can be a big headache for a lot of international students: five days is too short to go back home, especially when home is 18 hours away. However, it doesn’t have to mean five days of loneliness in your dorm room: check out nine things you can do for Thanksgiving if you’re not going back home!
1. Travel
Treat yourself to a mini-vacation! Chances are if you’re an international student, you’ll have friends studying in other states. Go visit them; they won’t be going home either. [Writer’s Note: As for me, I’m going to the Concrete Jungle (New York City) for Thanksgiving. It’s not too late to book your tickets and hotels!]
2. Black Friday Shopping
Stores open at 4 a.m, so get ready to wake up at the crack of dawn and get 50% off merchandise screaming “Buy me! Buy me!”
3. Hang out with other international kids

Who said you must be alone on Thanksgiving if you’re not going home? Remember, you’re not the only international kid at GW. Ask around to see who’s also staying in D.C. and have a little dance party/get together.

4. Prepare your own Thanksgiving dinner 

Number 4 kind of ties in with number 3. Go get a turkey and some mashed potatoes and have yourself a little Thanksgiving!

5. Catch up on your favorite shows

Nothing like shedding some school pressure with your favorite TV show. Haven’t watched Scandal for a month? Finish all five seasons this Thanksgiving.

6. Study… and have Gelman all to yourself! 

Sure, Thanksgiving is supposed to be a break. But imagine having Gelman all to yourself! You’ll definitely get a lot done…
7. Not study … and sleep all day
…or you can just using the five days to catch up on sleep and do nothing. Because that sounds pretty perfect to me.
8. Work out
Everyone will definitely look a bit rounder after break. But not you. Use Thanksgiving to catch up on going to the gym and getting that healthy body!
9. Explore D.C.
Hate the tourists who takes pictures for way too long? Well, DC might be a little less touristy during Thanksgiving. Use this opportunity to get pictures with the monuments without accidental photobombs.

Whatever you end up doing, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Priscilla Huang is a Freshman at the George Washington University and is Originally from Orange Country, California but has lived abroad in Taiwan practically her whole life. She is fluent in English, Mandarin, Taiwanese, and trying to be fluent in Japanese and German. Currently a Political Science Major. Enjoys watching and making films. She likes Warm Hugs.
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