New York Fashion Week Inspo: Streetwear Edition

New York Fashion Week is a time for everyone to get new style inspiration. While you can sit there and marinate in all the fresh looks NYFW has brought you, you can also take these looks and get creative with it. The collections each designer piece together represent all different types of fashion. They can range from sophisticated and simple to bright and bodacious. However, with all the focus placed on the runway looks, people often miss what’s right in front of them: all of the unique looks that people wear to these events. When looking through fashion week photos, it’s easy to notice that the guests seem to put in just as much effort and energy into their looks as many of the designers do into their collections. Even with all of this effort, they still manage to keep it looking effortless.

Streetwear is a unique type of fashion. There are no rules, no regulations, and no restrictions. The best part about it is that you can get creative with it, and it can all come from the depths of your own closet. Streetwear shows you that you can make a plain white t-shirt or an oversized jacket look different every time you style it. Some looks can even be overwhelming or chaotic at times, but that is all part of the beauty of self-representation and inventiveness. Whether it’s mixing patterns or layering colors, streetwear looks never fail to be original and expressive. 

Here are some New York Fashion Week looks that will inspire you to get creative with your closet…

Streetwear is meant to be made unique and exciting. It allows you to turn almost anything in your closet into something expressive and inventive. Next NYFW, I encourage you to not only look at the carefully curated collections, but also the guests who creatively piece together all of their own original looks.