If You Don’t Listen to Call Her Daddy, Start Now

This summer, I took a road trip with my family to our lake spot in Wisconsin. I had to arrive later than my other family members and this meant driving 5 hours alone in a car. I was freaked to be completely alone for such a lengthy period of time; I knew finding a good podcast to listen to would help pass the time. My good friend recommended I give Call Her Daddy a try. I listened for every minute of my drive, it was that good. 

Podcasts have become mainstream quicker than Lizzo climbing up the Billboard 100; Students walk to class casually listening to shows like Ted Radio Hour and NPR. According to a recent look at podcasts, 46% of young people under age 34 listen to podcasts weekly. 

I love podcasts just as much as the next person, but I’m always searching for a podcast that entertains as well as informs. Many comedic podcasts have a similar note but nothing is quite like the raunchy, honest words of these two New York besties.

For those that have never heard of it, Call Her Daddy is a weekly podcast show technically run by Barstool Sports. The hosts of the show, Alex Cooper and Sophia Franklyn, are the authentic voices that use personal experiences and stories from friends to bring sex positivity right to your ear. Cooper, 24, and Franklyn, 26, talk about everything in the open; sex positions, oral sex, navigating causal relationships, how to catch cheaters and their most embarrassing hookup stories.

Some of their funniest moments have included Alex’s signature Oral Sex tips which she nicknames the “Gluck Gluck 9000” and Sophia’s infamous arrest story after falling asleep outside a club. Their tips and tricks are thought-provoking, to say the least.

Call Her Daddy not only informs you about sex and relationships, but it also promotes a sex-positive lifestyle for women that society doesn’t usually promote. Their tips are for men and women alike, and their stories are as crazy as their terminology. 


The biggest reason you should give this podcast a try is because it teaches women to let go of shame. We must lean into sex positivity, as defined above, in order to live as empowered, confident women. Whatever your sexuality, you deserve the opportunity to explore that aspect of your life. Call Her Daddy opens a window into sex positivity with humor and conversation, so give it a listen.