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How My Roommate Ended Up Becoming My Best Friend

I met this girl in our school’s Facebook group and we found out that we had very similar interests and instantly clicked. I gushed to all my friends from home that I had found the perfect roommate.

We met at orientation and immediately hit it off. What better way to get excited for the upcoming school year?

We went out with each other the first couple nights of syllabus week, quickly setting the tone for the rest of the year (because honestly, have we ever gone out without each other?).

We started exploring the city and trying restuarants together. We bonded over our mutual love for gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, smoothies, and Chinese food.

We always ended the day by chilling on each other’s bed, Facebook-stalking cute boys from our classes or that girl from down the hall.

In fact, we realized that we knew literally everything about each other, from favorite hometown coffee shops to embarrassing childhood stories.

We were always there for each other when we needed it. Who else would I go to when I needed to cry or vent?

We did everything and anything together, and people started telling us that we were attached at the hip.

We’ve been inseparable from day one.

And so…. we asked to room together again. Thanks for counseling me through quarter-life crises and always knowing what filter to pick (Clarendon or nothing, obviously).

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