How to Have the Best #Summer16, As Told By Drake and Her Campus

Drake started getting us hyped for sunnier days when he released his song, ‘Summer 16.’ And you can bet his songs will be blasting on radios around the country all summer long.

Drake tunes are just one part of a great summer; Her Campus’ Survival Kits are filling in the rest.

Check out some of these must-have products for a great summer! #YOLO.

1. Monthly Gift Tampon Subscription Box
Nothing can ruin a fun day by the pool more than a visit from your monthly gift. This is where Monthly Gift subscription boxes come in. The Monthly Gift app monitors your ovulation and menstrual cycle patterns, and the subscription delivers a discreet Little Black Box customized with tampons, pads, liners...and chocolate! Pool day: saved.
2. CamelBak Forge Divide Travel Mug
Running late to your internship in the morning? Tired of waiting in line at Starbucks every morning? CamelBak has got your...Bak. Their newest travel mug is insulated and opens at the press of a button so you can take your coffee or tea on the go and make it to that 9 a.m. meeting on time! (Plus, the leak-proof cap means you won’t spill anything on your work!)
3. Pure Silk Shaving Cream
While we threw our shorts into the back of our closest when winter came around, it’s finally shorts and sundress season--and that means flaunting some bare legs. Silk has you covered when it comes to having the smoothest legs around. Plus, the moisturizing formulas softens and nourishes your legs as you'll feel confident letting anyone touch them.
Thanks to Her Campus, have an awesome, Drake-approved summer!