Get The Look: Fall 2019 Fashion Week Meets Early Morning Lecture

Everywhere you look, people are sporting all sorts of groovy styles inspired by the 80s: strappy sandals, graphic tees, and mules to name a few. In particular, designers have predicted trends like statement shoulder blazers, elongated coats, and feather detailed pumps for fall. While all of these pieces sound appealing to my inner fashionista, they aren’t the most college-friendly. Let’s be real: I'm not sporting feather detailed heels to my 9 am accounting class. As a student, it’s easy to fall into the routine of waking up late, frantically throwing on leggings and a hoodie, and sprinting out the door for class. I certainly fall guilty to this routine more often than I'd like to admit. This semester, however, I have decided to challenge myself to a no-sweatpants rule, and I challenge you to join me. To make the transition smoother - and more bearable - I have compiled the ultimate college-friendly guide to fashion week styles, courtesy of this season’s runway. So, the next time you’re setting your alarm the night before class, remember this post and get inspired to ditch the hoodie and opt for something a bit more... chic.


  1. Pistachio, pistachio, and more pistachio. 



If your wardrobe looks anything like mine, it’s mainly a sea of black with the occasional hint of beige, grey, and white. The best way to switch things up is by taking a risk with some color. This season, designers like Sally Lapointe and Marc Jacobs designated pistachio as the color to look out for. Retailers like Zara, Aritzia, and Asos have already caught onto the trend and released tons of nutty-colored options for avid shoppers to choose from. Get the look by layering your all-black outfits with a pistachio blazer or by pairing a pistachio-colored slip dress with a long sleeve underneath for the colder months. 


  1. Leather Galore

Leather jackets are a fall staple, but how about full leather-on-leather outfits? This grunge trend made itself known on the runways of Altazurra, Alexander McQueen, and Dior with pieces like burning red leather dresses and matching black skirt/top sets. If this statement look seems too overwhelming, try out a pair of leather pants like the ones below with a casual top or, for variation, try out a leather trench coat when you feel like switching out that hoodie. 



  1. Oversized Blazers

The 80’s jacket trend is back: oversized blazers with edgy shoulders have been all over the runway this season. Designers like Isabel Marant, Saint Laurent, Balmain, and Balenciaga showed off their variations on the padded shoulder, waist-hugging coat with everything from black sequins to intricate leather detailing. Next time you wake up late and have very little time to get ready, try recreating the model-off-duty look by throwing an oversized blazer over a simple tee-shirt. It’s a staple look that combines comfort and style. 



  1. Uniform Chic

Take a few pointers from Cher and try recreating the iconic Clueless-inspired prep-school style this season. Designers showcased plaid-everything on the runway: skirts, blazers, bucket hats - you name it. Christian Dior and Victoria Beckham’s lines set the stage with neatly-folded collars, checkered sweaters, and bright plaid jackets. If you’re not super convinced that the full-on uniform look is for you, try styling a pair of plaid pants (like the ones below from Revolve) with a simple graphic tee and combat boots.


  1. Purple Hues

Shades of purple are joining pistachio as the colors we’ll be seeing everywhere this fall. Designers like Lanvin, Tom Ford, and Sally Lapointe challenged everything we thought we knew about the orchid-like shade, debuting eclectic, head-to-toe (socks included) bright purple looks. While these designs are perfect for the runway, they might be a bit (just a bit) too much for class. Try recreating the look by going for a more wearable, lavender-colored turtleneck or cardigan paired with casual jeans and sneakers. If you’re feeling like accessorizing during the colder months, try out a lavender beanie or beret.