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Fall Trends to Spice Up Your Wardrobe

With fall right at our door step, it is time to break out those sweaters and order up on Pumpkin Spice lattes. Fall is a great season to still input some of your summer staples while slowly incorporating in new winter pieces. The trends this fall can be inspiring to anyone looking to spruce up their wardrobe and avoid falling into the typical sullen winter look. Regardless of whether you’re a fashion veteran or rookie, welcome the crisp weather in with style with these eye-catching fall fashion must-haves.

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Want to pop some color into your style this fall? Try incorporating shades like oxblood (a dark red-brown color) or forest green into your outfit. These colors allow you to expand your palette beyond the regular grays and blacks of wintertime and help change up your outfit. Oxblood and forest green give an elegant and subtle look that still draws the eye. These colors also blend well and compliment the rusty orange-red color of the fall leaves.


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When fall arrives people tend to put away their colorful prints of the summer and settle for more solid colors. This fall your fun prints of the summer do not have to be hidden in the back of your closet. Prints are here to stay through fall/winter season. If you are trying to break out of a solid-color rut or looking to challenge yourself to add a new element to your style, look to animal or artful abstract prints.

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Make sure you hold on to your military jacket from last spring/winter, because the trend has carried over. Military jackets give an edge to any outfit and provide enough warmth for the lukewarm fall weather. Another fall staple that is here to stay is the graphic sweater. Create a simple, cool, laidback fall outfit with a statement making graphic.


With these tips your fall months are sure to be spicier than the iced chai at Capitol Grounds!

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