Books to Put on Your List This Summer


    From an early age, I came to appreciate that the power of the written word can evoke deep emotions, whether it be fear, joy, or sorrow. It was through my favorite books that I was introduced to the art of storytelling, a passion of mine that has only grown as years have passed. While the chaos of college life can make it difficult to devote all of one’s time to a new novel, school is almost out. You don’t need an exotic vacation or an exhilarating adventure to get away this break. Take a look at some of my picks and allow reading to be your escape this summer.


  1. The Cornwalls are Gone by James Patterson and Brendan DuBois


As a huge fan of the Alex Cross series, anything with James Patterson plastered on the front of it usually does the job in getting my attention. Even more so, when I heard he was releasing a book centered around a female Army intelligence officer, I immediately picked up my Kindle. The work of fiction details the decision Amy Cornwall must make between her devotion to her country, and her devotion to her family. Either liberate an unnamed captive, or her husband and daughter end up dead. Any fans of the high-intensity, suspense combination will be enthused by Patterson’s ability to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

  1. Someone Knows by Lisa Scottoline


Continuing on the theme of legal thrillers, Lisa Scottoline has written some of my favorite books, including her Rosato and Dinunzio series, which focuses on the female partners of a law firm. Yet, the standalone “Someone Knows,” tells the story of Allie Garvey’s turmoil as she travels home, twenty years after her involvement in a deadly prank. Allie was never caught, but as she seeks answers regarding her past, it’s her present that’s affected. Scottoline has the ability to connect readers to her characters, detailing how the feeling of guilt can affect relationships in a startlingly isolating manner. Yet, it is the twists and turns of the plot which drive the story and may add some thrill to an otherwise boring summer.

  1. I Owe You One by Sophie Kinsella


    I know what you’re thinking; is she going to recommend any books without death as the main selling point? And the answer is no. Just kidding. Whenever I need a reprieve, or just a moment to let my heart rate return to a normal pace, I turn to the endlessly witty and entertaining Sophie Kinsella. Kinsella is a master at women’s fiction, and for those of you looking for a summer romance, “I Owe You One” just might do the job. Fixie Farr has always been focused on aiding her family and the loved ones around her. Yet, after helping a stranger avoid computer catastrophe in a coffee shop, it leads to a series of IOUs that change both their lives. Kinsella successfully finds the balance of humor in growth as she details Fixie’s journey to take a stand and claim her own life. It doesn’t hurt that coffee shops happen to be the perfect place to settle down with a good book, and who knows, maybe you’ll meet your own stranger to exchange a few IOUs with this summer.