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The Best Trends To Try From The Spring 2015 Collection

Jeremy Scott


Just looking at the Jeremy Scott Spring 2015 collection could make anyone smile with his eclectic use of bright colors and patterns. Clearly not afraid to take any creative chances, Jeremy Scott succeeded in being one of the most vibrant shows during the latest fashion week. The collection includes pieces such as a sweatshirt with Shrek’s face, crazy patterned combat boots and animal print hot pants.

Trend to Try: Oversized Tie Dye Shirts


Rag & Bone


The Rag & Bone Spring 2015 collection is everything a Rag & Bone enthusiast (like myself) wanted, and more. The collection is full of long silhouetted pieces like jackets and dresses that contrast amazingly against the shorter pieces like crop tops and cropped jackets. With an extensive mix of blacks, beiges, whites and patterns, this collection gets two thumbs up.   

Trend to Try: Cropped Jackets




Two words to describe Prada’s Spring 2015 collection have to be “classy” and “fabulous.” Prada upheld its “classy” status with classic pieces like trench coats and pencil skirts, although revolutionizing them with the use of unconventional material. Prada definitely inserted the “fabulous” with the vivid patterns and accessories, like knee-high socks.

Trend to Try: Knee-High Socks


Just Cavalli


The entire Just Cavalli Spring 2015 collection gives off a refreshing vintage vibe. With bell-bottom pants and vibrant patterns, the collection takes us back in time to previous decades. But the collection also has a few modern twists like moto jackets and embellished accessories to keep the style looking fresh. 

Trend to Try: Patterned Pants




It’s all about the glitz and glam! The Ashish Spring 2015 collection works bright sequins and shiny animal print on the runway. The collection took the simplest pieces like boyfriend jeans, denim jackets and crewneck sweatshirts and made them insanely chic.

Trend to Try: Printed Sweatshirts




This season, J.Crew revolutionized preppy and made it a trend that all of us want to try. They utilized the classic stripes and button-down shirts, but put a twist on it with new styles and material. Some of the most standout pieces in this collection are the short-sleeve denim button-down, the hologram clutch and the incredibly stylish deep V-neck striped sweater.

Trend to Try: Deep-V Neck Sweaters


M Missoni


The M Missoni Spring 2015 collection proves that a little color goes a long way. The beginning of the collection has little color, with hints of ivory and gray on white pieces. However, once the collection continues, bright colors like yellow, blue and red pop up. It is amazing how all of the pieces have different color schemes, yet they fit together as a single collection with some serious statement pieces.   

Trend to Try: Statement Jumpsuits


Emporio Armani


Basic solids and stripes never go out of style. The Emporio Armani spring 2015 collection proves this to be true, as every outfit embodies the classic solid and stripe trends. From solid blue tops to striped multicolor dresses, this collection stand out even with the simplest of its styles.

Trend to Try: Solid Sweatshirts


Fausto Puglisi


Moto jackets are a must, and that is why the Fausto Puglisi collection is a showstopper. Not only does the collection have insanely cool patterns and colors throughout, but it also consists of unique accessories like patterned and gold moto jackets. These jackets are unlike any others and are some of the coolest pieces on the runway.

Trend to Try: Complex Moto Jackets

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