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5 Realistic Wellness Practices I Do As A College Student

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GWU chapter.

Every time I scroll on TikTok I am bombarded with videos of “wellness tips to improve your happiness” or “implement these habits and everything will be better.” These tips end up being unattainable and restrictive, such as wake up at 5 a.m., cut out all sugar, etc. Don’t get me wrong, these are probably good tips and definitely work for some people, but for me that’s just not realistic. 

I don’t think wellness or health tips always have to be to one extreme or another. There can be a middle ground, things we do that make us feel good. I’ve come up with what I feel are five realistic wellness tips that are simple enough to actually implement.

1. Let yourself sleep

I find the best thing to do is just listen to your body and do what you need. Go to bed without an alarm on the weekends and let yourself sleep as much as you need. Go to bed at 4 a.m. one night and then 10 p.m. the next if that’s what you want. Wake up at 5 a.m. or wake up at 11 a.m., just do what’s right for you. There is no one size fits all and whatever makes you feel the best is okay!

2. Get some fresh air everyday

Go outside! It doesn’t have to be to walk of 10,000 steps, it can be to walk across the street to buy yourself a coffee or lunch. It can be sitting on the steps for five minutes or walking around for hours. In whatever form, make sure to get some fresh air and see the world outside. (And if you’re in DC like me, go and check out the cherry blossoms this spring!)

3. Read!

There is no minimum or maximum on it, no rules on whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, poems, recipes, etc. Anything of your choosing to give yourself some time to read during the week (or listen to podcasts or books on tape if that’s your preference). Words are fun, in every form, and reading is a way of learning a little bit about the world.

4. Do some self care

However you define self care: paint your nails, do a face mask, have some special tea or hot chocolate, watch your favorite show, do some arts and crafts. Self care comes in every shape and size and is whatever you like to do. Try to live in a small moment and avoid thinking about whatever task you have next. Let this be a moment of comfort and fun. For me, this is doom scrolling on Pinterest, making a board for every little thing I can come up with. But it can also be as simple as braiding your hair.

5. Be kind to yourself

I know, I know. This sounds cringey, cheesy, corny—I promise I know. And I know it’s hard, and it doesn’t mean you will feel good about yourself every day. But give yourself space to remind yourself that you are amazing. Journal some things you are grateful for or affirmations, write some motivational sticky notes for your mirror, smile at yourself, admire your own outfit. There are so many different little things you can do to give yourself a reminder that you are loved, you are amazing, and you are enough. 

Emily Francis a current junior at George Washington University studying Political Science and Sociology. She is originally from Southern California. She is also part of the Women's Pre Law Association and WRGW campus radio.