5 Instagram Accounts to Follow During Quarantine

Coronavirus stay-at-home orders have led to many changes in my daily life. One of which is my screen time going up 115% to a total I’m not willing to admit. Out of these long hours, the majority of them are spent scrolling through Instagram. My only excuse for this is that I’ve followed accounts with quarantine content, and I suggest you follow them too.

  1. 1. Melissa Wood-Tepperberg @MELISSAWOODHEALTH

    Melissa Wood-Tepperberg is a health and wellness guru. Her usual posts include pilates routines, healthy recipes, and videos of her kids. During quarantine especially, her content has shifted to include positive messages, which include her meditations and tricks to help her anxiety. She’ll also share recipes that are easy to make with produce on it’s way out, in order to maximize your refrigerator storage.

  2. 2. Miley Cyrus @MILEYCYRUS

    Miley Cyrus was built for quarantine. She has kicked off her Instagram web show “Bright Minded” which is complete with a colorful set and catchy theme song. So far her guests have included all of her family members, as well as Hailey Bieber, Reese Witherspoon, Emily Osment, and even her therapist, Dr. Amen. Some days have themes, while others focus on an assortment of individuals from all walks of life, but every time she’s live you’re in for a surprise.  

  3. 3. Serena Kerrigan @SERENAKERRIGAN

    Serena Kerrigan is always a fun follow. Her self-aware content leads people to find her authentic and confident. She is also one of the lucky individuals who has spent their birthday in quarantine. If you’re an Aries baby, Serena’s Instagram is the place to go for birthday inspiration. While she was in her apartment making “bored in the house” tik toks for part of the day, the rest of it was nothing short of a party. If you’re stumped about what to do for your stay at home celebration, Serena Kerrigan will inspire you to eat a Milk Bar cake, put on your fanciest pajamas, and shimmy around your house.

  4. 4. Christina Tosi @CHRISTINATOSI

    Speaking of Milk Bar, its founder, Christina Tosi, has an Instagram worth following. While she is known for her love of baked goods and sugary delights, her Instagram is home to all kinds of recipes. She’s been creating “Baking Club” stories where she posts recipes to make oat bars, cut out cookies, and even soft tacos. She’s detailed in both her explanation of the dishes and her layout of the ingredients, which makes these recipes easy to follow and fun to make!

  5. 5. Danielle Bernstein @WEWOREWHAT

    Danielle Bernstein is often critiqued for her lavish lifestyle, one that led her to flee to the Hamptons at the first sight of quarantine. However, I don’t find this content to be insensitive. She’s currently staying at her mom’s house, which looks like the perfect place for a staycation, and has been churning out content. Not to mention, she’s been posting about charities to get involved with during this time, even donating masks to hospitals and a portion of her sales from her swim launch to help New York food banks. Further, she’s been posting ways to stay busy inside, and how to stay sane with tips from her life coach, chiropractor, and pilates instructor.