Why You Should Adopt a Dog This October

Did you know that October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month? I don’t think there is a better time to go and adopt a dog! Here are five reasons why you should head down to your local animal shelter right now and bring home a furry friend!

1. They will become your best friend.

We all know the saying, “a dog is a man’s best friend”. It’s true.

2. You are saving a life.

We all know that there are shelters out there that put down animals that are sick or old to make room for others. According to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, approximately 3.3 million dogs enter animal shelters each year and 1.2 million of those dogs are euthanized.There are so many homeless dogs out there and only so much room in the shelters. By adopting a dog, you are giving that furry friend a second chance.

3. Cost!

When you adopt a dog from a shelter, you will save a ton of money! Normal adoption fees are only $50-$100 and it usually includes the dog already being up to date on all shots and having the spay/neuter surgery. It’s a great deal.

4. They are irresistible!

Seriously, from the moment you take one look at them you will fall in love. They are so cute!

5. You have the power to change a dog’s life for the better.

It is THE BEST feeling! You will truly be able to see the happiness and love radiate off your dog.