Why College Breakups Are Actually the Best

They weren’t lying when they said breaking up is hard to do. Especially in college, breakups can be hard when you are bound to stumble across your ex in the campus union, that one required math class all seniors end up taking spring semester, and maybe even a relationship with one of your mutual friends. However, unless you’re out of the dating pool, a college breakup is almost inevitable. While it may appear sucky at first, here are five reasons why college breakups are actually the best.

1. Besties galore

If you’re going to break up, you might as well be surrounded by all of your best friends, who also happen to live with you on the fourth floor of that college dorm you thought you were going to hate. It is natural to experience drastic changes during these four years of your life—and what better people to understand what you’re going through than your peers? Guaranteed your BFF's have gone through the exact same situation and will be more than happy to throw together a movie night or a night out on the town to keep your spirits up. What’s more? If you really do live on-campus, these ladies will be with you 24/7 to convince you not to send that 2 AM text.  

2. Calvin and Hobbies

Now that you’re a single pringle, you’ll have all the more time to focus on all those favorite hobbies you neglected when you were joining your ex on their spin cycle classes and geocashing excursions. And luckily, most colleges have all kinds of free clubs for you to join. Not only will you get to finish that novel you’ve been too busy to touch for the last two years, but you’ll get to meet all kinds of wonderful people who are interested in the exact same things as you! Goodbye, geocashing, hello college clubs!

3. Fantastic Future

It is common for couples to plan ahead for a future together, but it doesn’t always mean that your dreamed up future is the best one for you. By planning ahead as an individual, you no longer have to compromise your long term plans for another individual. Your partner’s family lives on the other side of that section of Idaho you hate driving through? No big deal. That dream job in Louisiana is waiting you, and you no longer have to compromise your dreams for the wellbeing of another. Living selfishly when you are young is sometimes the only way to know you won’t hold any resentment when you are older.

4. Potential partners??  

While a new relationship is not going to be the first thing on your mind, you won’t need to turn to Tinder after a college breakup. Even if you are enrolled in online classes, you are surrounded by people of a similar age group and education level, two attributes people often seek in a new relationship. Ask out the cutie who works the cafeteria salad bar next week. Even if you don’t end up going out, you can still keep those social skills oiled for the next serious relationship you are ready to pursue.  

5. Self-Discovery

Post-breakup college is the time to find out who you truly are. Without a partner to define you, you can really shine as an individual without existing under the expectations of what it means to be Jane/John’s partner. Date night every Friday at 6? Keto diet to keep each other in check? No, you’re going to swing dance club and might try to start that knitting circle you’ve been thinking about for years. College is the stepping stone that many young adults use to affirm their identity as a full-fledged adult. Don’t let another person define you in this vital time in which you discover who you really are. Take the time to explore your interests and find out the best way to live as you.