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Top Ten Things Every Summer Wardrobe Needs


1. All purpose denim shorts: These denim shorts are stylish, comfy, and you’ll spend about fifty percent of your summer wearing them. Personally I prefer for my go to denim shorts to be dark wash and high-waisted, but you do you.

2. Comfortable sandals: Comfort is key! No matter what you believe, it is possible to be stylish and comfortable. One great thing about today's trends is that sandals such as Birkenstocks and Tevas are in style so go with the comfy trend!

3. Rompers: Rompers are amazing for so many reasons! They are cute and comfy. They can be casual or dressy. They also look amazing on everyone, so no matter what your body type is, there is a romper out there for you! Rompers are also an outfit all on their own so you don't have to coordinate a top and bottom to look amazing.

4. A great hat: Hats may not be everyone's style, but I love my summer hats. No matter the style, a hat always adds a little extra edge to any outfit. My wide brimmed beach hat makes me feel like a damn queen when I’m trying to catch some rays out on the beach!

5. Fabulous sunglasses: Summer means sun! Everywhere you look during summer, everyone will be brandishing their fave sunglasses, so if you're gonna wear some sunglasses make sure they show off your fabulous personality!

6. A swimsuit that makes you feel like a million dollars: A day at the beach is a great day and you'll own it even more with all the confidence this swimsuit will give you!

7. Sundress: Sundresses are a must-have for all the same reasons as rompers, they just have a skirt instead of shorts. Not to mention women look damn fine in a flattering sundress.

8. A denim Jacket: Denim jackets are perfect for cooler summer day's. They add that extra layer you need over any of your favorite summer outfits.

9. A few cute bralettes: It is pretty much impossible to find summer shirts that don’t show your bra. They are either see-through, backless, or strapless. Bralettes are made to be seen and will add another layer of style to your wardrobe. I say that if you are comfortable, show off what you have!

10. Your fave bonfire hoodie: Wait! I know we are all ready to say good bye to winter and pack away all of your bulky clothes, but be sure to keep out a favorite sweatshirt or two. For me, summer isn’t summer without a few bonfires and if it is a chillier night or the mosquitos are out in full force you be grateful for that hoodie while you make you s'more.

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