Taylor Swift Songs to Match ALL of your Moods

Sometimes, you just need to blast Taylor Swift. I get it. To help with that, here’s a couple Taylor songs for every emotion you might have throughout the day.  

When you just need to cry:

White Horse

Dear John Teardrops on my Guitar

Back to December


Sad Beautiful Tragic

When you are walking home alone on a fall day:

All too Well

Tim McGraw

Begin Again  

When you miss your Mom:

The Best Day

Never Grow Up


When you have a crush a boy who will never know:

Stay Beautiful

You Belong With Me

Everything Has Changed



When you want to support your friends:

Tied Together with a Smile



When you’re experiencing the rush of falling in love:

Jump Then Fall

Our Song


Today was a Fairytale

Love Story


Hey Stephen

When you love your boyfriend so much:

Call it What you Want

Stay Stay Stay


I’m Only Me When I’m With You


King of My Heart


When you are so over your ex:

We are Never Ever Getting Back Together

The Story of Us

I Knew You Were Trouble

Should’ve Said No


When you lose a friend:


When you’re ready to party with the girls:

Shake it Off



When you have problems with your enemy:



Look What you Made Me Do

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

I Did Something Bad

These are only a sampling of all the Taylor Swift songs out there, but they will certainly get you started!