Take Your Bullet Journal To The Next Level With These 10 Ideas

Do you have a bullet journal and just aren’t sure what to put in it or how to make it look cute? Well, look no further as here are 10 ideas that will take your bujo to the next level.

  1. Color code. Get some colorful pens or markers and brighten up your bujo pages. Color code items in your calendar, weekly spread, etc. 
  2. Go crazy with the washi tape & stickers. Washi tape and stickers are simple things that can transform your bujo page. I’ve even seen some people put washi tape on the edges of their bujo pages which not only looks cool but serves as a great bookmark/highlight for important pages.
  3. Try out a mood tracker. One month I decided to create a mood tracker for the month and every day before I went to bed I filled in how I felt for the majority of the day. At the end of the month, it was interesting to see how many days I actually felt happy! 
  4. Create a countdown to an exciting event you have coming up. I think it is fun to color in a shape each day as you approach the event. Plus, in the end, you get to see just how long you’ve waited.
  5. Create a workout spread. It can be as simple as a tracker for the days you worked out during the month or you could go as far as being detailed about which exercises you did.
  6. Make a habit tracker. I have found this spread to be really interesting. I never knew that I had so many bad habits! 
  7. Write down a playlist for the month. I mean, everybody loves a good playlist and it’s fun to switch up the songs each month.
  8. Make a seasonal bucket list. Do you actually have a bullet journal if you don’t have a bucket list page?
  9. Make a list of books you want to read or movies you want to watch. Don't forget to cross them off once you do! Do you ever go into Netflix and aren't sure what to watch. Well, this will help prevent that.
  10. Create a cute “cover page” for each month. Not only is it a nice way to close up the previous month and open the new one, but it makes your bujo feel more like a chapter book which is cool.