My Fave Thrifted Pieces, and Tips for Finding your Next Cute Outfit

Happy Earth Day! I am so glad that we have a holiday focused on doing better for our planet, but if you’re like me, every day is earth day. One of the ways I work towards saving the planet is by shopping for thrifted clothing instead of buying new. Every year in the United States, 15 million tons of used textile waste is produced, and I think that’s ridiculous. Buying used clothes is a fun and sustainable way to practice fashion, so here are some of my favorite thrifted pieces to inspire you.

What’s thrifted: the dress

Where I got it: Plato’s closet

Tips for shopping: Look for versatile pieces, both in color and in style. This dress is a staple in my closet because I can dress it up or down, throw a sweater or scarf over it if it’s cold, and wear colored or dark leggings underneath. It’s one of my favorites!

What’s thrifted: the jacket

Where I got it: Poshmark

Tips for shopping: Poshmark is one of my favorite thrifting sites for getting all kinds of pieces, from this leather jacket to a high-quality pair of jeans. Like shopping at a real store, you never know what you’re going to find, and many sellers are willing to negotiate on price!

What’s thrifted: the whole outfit!

Where I got it: Poshmark

Tips for shopping: I was looking for specific pieces for this outfit, but didn’t want to buy new, so Poshmark was once again my best friend. I got the whole outfit for less than $50, did good for the planet, and looked amazing at this concert (bonus: all the pieces mix-and-match well with my other clothes!)

What’s thrifted: the shirt

Where I got it: Plato’s Closet

Tips for shopping: I got this rose gold leaf-patterned shirt to go along with a cute fall sweater I had, but it’s turned out to be an essential in my closet. I goes well tucked or untucked with jeans, by itself or with a sweater or scarf, or can be worn casual with leggings. Again, look for pieces with multiple uses!

What’s thrifted: the jeans

Where I got it: Goodwill

Tips for shopping: There’s absolutely no reason to buy jeans new, especially when Goodwill has so many sizes and styles available. I bought these not-so-perfect condition jeans for building and volunteering, and they looked and fit amazing! Looking for basics at thrift stores will not only save you money, but it’s so good for the earth as well.

I hope this helps to inspire you to shop smarter and take care of the earth!