Lady Gaga Faces Chronic Pain in New Documentary

Fans of Lady Gaga were already worried about the singer after she had to cancel her performance in Rio on September 14th due to severe physical pain. However, those who planned to see her show in Europe were especially disappointed when the pop star announced she had to postpone her show dates due to her recent health issues. Although unplanned, this coincides nicely with the release of Gaga’s Netflix documentary, Gaga: Five Foot Two.

Photo: Megan Witte

The documentary takes fans through the process of making her most recent album, Joanne, being a woman in the music industry, performing at the Super Bowl, and dealing with chronic pain. During the film, viewers are able to see the most honest side of the singer/actor/dancer and how dedicated she is to continue performing. At one point, the movie shows Gaga having her makeup done while receiving medical treatment. Her doctor even comments, “It sounds like you’ve been willing your body to perform, so in order to function you have to shut down to do your job”.

The pain Gaga faces every day is due to fibromyalgia, a disease that manifests itself as a dull, aching widespread pain, fatigue, and the inability to focus on mental tasks. The film shows Gaga crying through a bad flare-up while she’s being massaged and cared for by those around her. Even in the midst of horrible pains, Gaga acknowledges how lucky she is to have care. She says:

“I just think about other people that have maybe something like this, that are struggling to figure out what it is and they don’t have the money to have somebody help them. I don’t know what I’d f***ing do if I didn’t have everybody here to help me.”

Photo: Megan Witte

What’s especially commendable is how positive Gaga has been throughout her struggle. On her Instagram she wrote, “I’m a fighter. I use the word suffer not only because trauma and chronic pain have changed my life, but because they are keeping me from living a normal life”. She goes on to say that she wants to be performing for her fans, but needs to be with her doctors in order to heal.

True fans are willing to wait as long as it takes in order to have the “Million Reasons” singer back in good health and back on the stage.

Featured Image: Megan Witte