I Cut Off 11 Inches Of Hair And I Love It

Growing up, I had long, light blonde hair that cascaded down my back and flowed in the wind. It wasn’t actually that dramatic, but it was some pretty nice locks for a 6 year old. As I got older, I pretty much kept my hair long, occasionally getting a few inches off here and there to keep things healthy. For me, long hair was a security blanket, something that was inherently feminine. Short hair didn’t seem to fit me- I have a relatively round face, so I could slim out my look by keeping my hair covering my cheeks. Long hair was pretty and girly, and I’d get compliments on how it looked when I’d put it in braids or just let it flow wildly. But then, I started thinking about how it’s just hair.

The summer after I graduated high school, I decided that my hair was too boring for my tastes at the time, and decided to dye the ends pink. Eventually, pink lead to purple, which lead to blue, which lead to the ends of my hair becoming an interesting green color, complete with the split ends and damage that follow continuous coloring of hair. After that, I came to the conclusion that I needed to start fresh. So, a few days after winter break started during my sophomore year of college, I cut off 11 inches of my hair.

Everyone told me that it still looked long, which I guess I understand, since it still goes just past my shoulders. But 11 inches of color damaged, green hair was just gone. My security blanket was no longer a part of me and it actually took some time getting used to it. When I first looked in the mirror, I immediately regretted it. After a few days, I fell in love. My hair was healthier, used less conditioner in the shower, and at the end of the day, I was still me. So, if you’re looking for a sign in regards to getting a drastic haircut, let this be it.