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Ellen Pompeo’s Five Steps to Own Your Shit

Earlier this month InStyle released an interview with Ellen Pompeo titled “How to Own Your Shit and Get What You Want, According to Ellen Pompeo.” In order to promote the article, InStyle posted a video on Facebook in which Ellen explains her five step plan for how to own your shit. Recently while scrolling through Facebook, I came across this video and I really connected with it.

Step one: Be 100% honest. Ellen says that it is important to be 100% honest with yourself and 98% honest with the rest of the world and I absolutely agree. When it comes to ourselves we often lie and and pretend things because, in truth, the person who is it is hardest to be honest with is ourselves. It is easy to tell a friend they are doing something wrong, yet we are unwilling to admit our own faults. It is also super important to be honest with others, but not all the time. Sometimes there are things better left unsaid.

Step two: Don’t be worried about what people think. Ellen says that unless you are planning on hurling an insult you shouldn’t worry about what others might think about you. That includes what you say, think, or do. She is right on the nose with this tip as you certainly can not own your shit if you are letting others’ thoughts and opinions control you.

Step three: Stop trying to be perfect. “Nobody’s fucking perfect. Fuck off!”–Ellen Pompeo. Enough said.

Step four: Own who you are. You can not own anything you do until you know and own who you are. Who you are is the single biggest factor in your life and how you will go about owning your shit. If you are having issues owning your life, start here with who you are. How do you do that? See steps one through three, as those first three steps build up to the culmination of the self awareness the comes with owning who you are.

Step five: Be okay with your flaws. This is the hardest part for most people. Being honest with yourself about your flaws, shrugging off what others say, and owning who you are are easy compared to this. As Ellen points out in her video, it is often much harder for women to be okay with their flaws then men, and this is simply to due our society and culture. However it is important to remember that everyone has flaws they struggle with. You don’t need to love your flaws, you simply need to recognize them and be okay with them.

I think that Ellen’s five steps are thoughtful, honest, relatable, and inspiring. These are five good and easy to remember tips to help everyone OWN THEIR SHIT.

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