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Dear Mom: Happy Mother’s Day from HC Gustavus

We’re celebrating Mother’s Day with a bit of flair here at Her Campus Gustavus. In honor of all of the beautiful Gustie moms out there, some of our HC team members have written sweet little segments about their moms. Thank you to our beautiful mothers from the entire Her Campus GAC team. You’ve been there to love us, binge-watch with us, and support us until the very end. Thank you for all that you do. You are so loved and appreciated.

Kristi Manning

Favorite memory: Our trip to France in July 2014 with my sister and dad. While we were there, we got to visit the family she stayed with in Avignon, France when she studied abroad as a Gustavus undergrad! The family said that seeing me was like going back in time to when she was there, because of how much I look like my mom when she was my age. 

Best advice: To always be myself because I’m great just the way I am. 

Emma Hunt

The thing I love most about my mother is her unwavering support. She’s my first, best, and sometimes, only cheerleader. When I’m having a horrible week, she gives me the support, and sometimes, tough love, that I need to get through it. She’s never missed a recital, choir concert, show choir competition, or performance. I hope she knows how much I appreciate that.

Ashley Ritten

Favorite memory: Our mother/daughter vacation in Mexico.

Best advice: Treat the CEO of a company and the janitor who cleans his office the same way. We are all humans.

Katie Allen

My mom has taught me the importance of family. She has shown me that, no matter what, my family will always be there to support me and love me unconditionally, and that’s the biggest blessing I could ever ask for. My mom is so strong, smart, and beautiful and I feel so incredibly lucky to have her in my corner. I love you, mom!

Kjersten Piper

No one could fill the role of “best friend” better than my mother. She never doubts me, even when I doubt myself. She makes me laugh like no other and I can always count on her to answer my phone calls even if I’m a stressed-out, crying mess. She’ll turn up the radio when Ed Sheeran comes on just so I can sing along and I know for sure that at least one person is always reading my blog. Besides that though, she puts 200% effort into everything she does and I aspire to be like her in every single way. I love you to the moon and back, mom!

Ali Howe

Favorite memory: Every year at Christmastime, my mom and I make a large variety of Christmas cookies and treats. I enjoy having the opportunity to spend quality time with my mom, continue the family tradition, and tasting the final products is always delicious, too! Now that I am college, my mom and I are not able to spend this time together as often so I have grown to cherish it more and more each year.

Best advice: To lead by example, rather than telling others what to do. This has helped me in a variety of situations throughout life and I have become a better leader and individual because of it.

Shailagh Lannon

My mom is the most incredible woman I know. She is so selfless and I cannot imagine my life without her. Mom, thank you for always hugging me goodnight, for reminding me that I don’t have to be perfect, for coming to my concerts and recitals, for taking care of me when I’m broken, for encouraging me to dream big and, most of all, for loving me unconditionally. Happy Mother’s Day!

Marisa Morgan

Favorite memory: When we always have a movie night together on the weekends and just talk about life in general.

Best advice: Always remember to uphold our cultural traditions no matter what I do in life and I’ll always have family no matter where I am.

Kristen Matthews

Favorite memory: Any of the ten shows that I was able to do with her with my theater company. She brought me to the stage where I became the person I am today. Being able to perform with my mom has been a huge blessing in my life for over ten years!

Best advice: Surround yourself with people that love and support the person you naturally are. Never let anyone stop you from being you because who you are is innately beautiful. 

Karley Lind

Favorite memory: I cherish all of my time with her whether it’s a night of cooking with her, watching movies, or even the occasional bicker that every mom and daughter have. I always learn something new about each of us in the end.

Through thick and thin, my mom, Kari, has been one of the many people who I have looked up to throughout my life. She has guided me to always follow my heart and has made me become a better person from her wise words of advice. She has taught me to love myself no matter what happens or what I do in my life.

Talia Johnson

Dear Mom,

I haven’t realized until now what you’ve done for me my whole life. You haven’t been just a mother all these years. You’ve been my best friend, my biggest fan, my strongest advocate, and my inspiration. Somehow, you find a way to give 100% to everyone. You are more than a mother. You are somehow everything. Happy Everything’s Day, Mom.

XOXO, Your extremely grateful daughter (and your favorite),


Nicole Waskosky

Favorite memory: The 17-hour drive back from Kentucky. We laughed the entire time and had to stop every hour because someone would have to pee (of course). Every time we stopped we would try to find my favorite childhood snack, moon pies. We finally found them and they are not as good as I remembered! My mom thought my reaction to it was the funniest thing.

Piece of advice: You are precious and unique. You have gifts that only you can share with the world. You are worthy of love and respect. Don’t sell yourself short and never settle. Don’t allow the pressure from society to dictate who or what you should become. Value yourself and others will see your value.

Natalie Schlager

If my mom charged a penny for each time I asked for advice, she’d have millions! Through smiles, tears, laughs, and everything else, she’s always been there and has always known just what to say. My mom has taught me that being kind is simple and costs nothing, uniqueness is special and should be celebrated, anxiety and frustrating things always seem worse at night or when you’re tired (“SO GO TO BED!”), it’s okay to not always be in control of every little thing- it’s what makes life exciting, I’m capable of more than I think I am, and that sometimes your own company is the best company…unless you have the option to be with your mom!

Kayla Cardenas

Best memory: Going to Daytona Beach with my mom this past summer and wandering around. We visited a sanctuary for rescued birds, sea turtles, and other animals including an octopus. We also got up early to walk the beach to see the dolphins. It was a beautiful sight. 

Best advice: Don’t give up and do what makes you happy; it’s all up to you. Always live happy.

Happy Mother’s Day from the Her Campus Gustavus team!



Kjersten is a senior at Gustavus Adolphus College in Saint Peter, Minnesota. She is pursuing a major in English and one day hopes to work in the exciting world of book publishing. When she's not reading books or taking pictures of them for her blog, she loves watching period dramas (Outlander, Victoria, and Downton Abbey, to name a few), playing with her beagle, Rocky, and listening to Ed Sheeran on repeat. Kjersten serves as Senior Editor for the Gustavus Chapter of Her Campus.
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