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Confessions of an Extreme Procrastinator

There are so many types of procrastination and I believe I have exhausted them all. Cleaning, eating, napping, Facebook—you name it, I’m sure I have done it at some point today. I am left with no choice but to write this fabulous article filled with the confessions of an extreme procrastinator. 

Confession #1: Sometimes I find myself in the dark depths of YouTube… and I don’t stop because it’s better than facing my responsibilities. When you watch a ten-minute long video of a dog chasing its tail, you know it’s getting bad.

Confession #2: I get really stressed about how much work I have to do, but instead of doing the logical thing and working on it, I take a nap. Being  stressed is exhausting especially when I wake up and realize I still have just as much work to do and less time than before. It’s a vicious cycle that occurs all too regularly.

Confession #3: There are days where I will purposely seek out social interaction to avoid doing my homework. This would be relatively normal, except I have social anxiety. I would literally rather be slightly anxious than do my homework 20 min before it’s due. Speaking of which confession four…

Confession #4: I often (especially with specific subjects *cough* Spanish *cough*) tend to do my homework within the hour it’s due. I have found it’s more exhilarating that way. Keeps my life interesting.

Confession #5: I procrastinate with just about everything… cleaning, homework, paperwork, etc. The order of which things are done is just based on how badly I don’t want to do the other things.

Now I may have made it sound like procrastination is super bad for you. I mean, sure it can be stressful but I have found that it can be helpful at times. For example, sometimes a teacher will change an assignment last minute and I won’t have to do as much work as everyone else because I waited to do it! Procrastination has also improved my personal hygiene because showering and laundry always sound more appealing than homework.

At the end of the day I accept my title as an extreme procrastinator, though I may not freely admit it. I manage to get most things done on time and make people think I somewhat have my life together. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem… and I, my friends, am an extreme procrastinator.

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