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7 Things About Halloween Only Minnesotans Can Relate To

The spooky season is finally upon us! Everyone is starting to plan their creative costumes, put out the decor, carve some pumpkins, and make plans for October 31st. Halloween is the only time of the year where it’s acceptable to binge eat candy and dress up as something or someone crazy. However, Halloween in Minnesota is a holiday of its own. Here are 7 things about Halloween that only Minnesotans will be able to relate to.

1. Having to ruin your costume by having to wear a coat over it because it’s so cold.

2. Grabbing a candy bar from your flannel pillowcase and realizing that it’s frozen. So, you then wait for it to thaw out.

3. Always having to hear about the 1991 Halloween blizzard.

4. The sun sets as early as 6:00 pm so you better grab a flashlight or put on a reflective vest for trick-or-treating.

5. Having to go trick-or-treating in the rich suburbs (Edina, Minnetonka, etc.) to get the REAL candy.

6. Wanting to wear that “sexy” costume in college, but having to settle on that animal onesie that you’ve worn for the past three years because it’s only 30 degrees.

7. Watching the pumpkin that you worked so hard to carve freeze, crack, and get eaten by a squirrel.


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