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10 Reasons Why Going Home for Break is the Best

Preparing to go home can be stressful. The thought of packing a bag and saying goodbye to roommates for the weekend can sometimes be enough to deter the drive home altogether. It can be even more overwhelming for longer breaks, as one must coordinate homework and studying with the distractions of home. However, these cons will never outweigh the pros, as these 10 reasons show that going home for break is the best.

  1. A pet reunion is imminent.

The first thing I do when I get home is jump out of my car and hug my dogs. They’re so excited to see me that they run laps around the yard, showering me with unconditional love. Regardless of how long I was gone, my pets will always welcome me with open arms (i.e., paws) reminding me how much I mean to them. Seeing my pets is a serious attitude boost when I return to my parents’ house. They remind me that, no matter what may be happening in my life, I’m accepted in theirs.

  1. You get to see your family.

Hugging my family when I get home feels almost as good as greeting my pets. (Joking here, of course.) Whether I was gone for one day or one month, I’m guaranteed that my family missed me and noticed my absence. That initial hug from my parents always reassures me that coming home was the right decision. They love me and want me around, which makes me feel welcome. There’s no substitute for talking in person, and we catch up so much better than when face timing or talking on the phone. 

  1. Home-cooked meals.

Could anything be more welcoming? First, it’s a relief to know that I don’t have to worry about draining my caf account or spending money at Family Fresh for a few days. Second, my parents’ cooking is 100 times better than caf food. A home-cooked meal, enjoyed with my parents on either side of me and the dogs under the table, is salvation.

  1. NO SHOWER SHOES, and you can lock the bathroom door.

Let’s be honest, showering with flip-flops blows. I leave the flip flops behind and luxuriate in my own, private bathroom. No interruptions. No communal living. Just my own bath. Anyone who has hiked a long distance knows how to appreciate a good shower and a carbonated beverage. That’s how I feel when I return to my old bathroom.

     5. Parking is available.

There are always parking spots close to the front door at my parents’ house. I don’t have to convince a friend to stand in the spot while I move my car to snag a prime spot, and my parents won’t ticket me if I accidentally park in the wrong space.

     6. Yoga pants-only are required (most of the time).

I can hang out in sweats, and, better yet, I rarely have to wear a bra. I love hanging around in my sweats and a tank in the comfort of my own home.

  1. The laundry situation is less complicated.

There are a limited number of people seeking to use the home washer and dryer. No one will steal your things, and they will likely ask you to switch your laundry before they pile your damp clothes on top of the washer. (Realistically, Mom will probably switch my clothes without even asking.) More importantly, if your family is like mine, you can likely sneak your clothes into the normal weekend cycle and watch as your laundry is washed with its close relatives.

     8. You get to sleep in your own bed.

There is no sleep like sleep in your own bed. I’m relieved to know that I don’t have to climb down a semi rickety metal ladder and jump off a desk to use the bathroom at 3 in the morning, and I always sleep better knowing that two layers of foam weren’t necessary to make my mattress firm.

  1. You can catch up with hometown friends.

Whenever I’m home on break, my friends are home, too. I love grabbing coffee or lunch with hometown friends, catching up on their lives, the latest news, and gossip.

  1. My old house feels right.

Tucked into my family house with familiar smells and sounds feels natural. I love the old routines and predictable rhythm of the way my parents’ house runs. Reacquainting myself with their routine is like putting on an old shoe. Everything fits just right.


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