Why You Should Join Her Campus in Fall 2017!

Her Campus Guelph was launched in January 2017 and we are looking for UOG students to join our team for the Fall 2017 semester! 

Take a look at 5 reasons why joining HC will be an awesome experience... 

1. It’s a great opportunity to meet people!

We have weekly meetings and events to bring the girls closer together! If you are looking to meet a great group of girls, this is the place to do it!

2. It isn’t a huge time commitment!

As a member you are only required to write 2-3 articles a month, but you can write as many as you want!

3. It looks good on a resume!

If you are looking to get into journalism when you graduate, or really any job, this will look great on your resume!

4. It will give you a voice!

You can write about anything that crosses your mind! Topics you are passionate about like politics or fashion, we upload a huge variety of articles so we can appeal to all different audiences.

5. There are opportunities to move up...

Her Campus Guelph has an executive team, the exec team includes editors, events staff, social media coordinators and marketing staff!

Find Her Campus Guelph: 

Facebook: Her Campus Guelph 

Instagram: @hercampusguelph

Twitter: @HerCampusGuelph